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What Is An Empath.- Definition

I came across this definition in my psychic ability group in yahoo defining an empath, I copied to share hoping it helps others understand "What is an Empath?"


 Marked by an acute sensitivity to the feeling of others, Empaths can
 actually feel another's pain and can heal it in some way. Since
 Empaths pick up on the feelings of others, there is a great
 understanding and ability to really "see" the other person. Others
> tune into the Empaths energy and tend to gravitate towards them
knowing they are "safe" with this empathetic person.
 Empaths can have a very expressive personality, are great listeners
 and often seen counseling and not just in the professional area, they
will always find themselves helping others out and putting their own
 needs aside to do so. Very often there can be a swing to the opposite
 end of the spectrum being quiet with a need to withdraw from the
 outside world to be alone and daydream. Empaths are passionate
 towards nature, beauty, animals and children. Animals are especially
 dear to the heart. There is often an attraction to a special kind of
animal but empathy towards all animals is a common characteristic.
 Animals and young children are especially attracted and drawn to the
 Empath's qualities. There tends to be an immediate connection of

 Empaths make great friends or lovers for life but are literally
 crushed if the friendship or relationship is abused. They will
 through many experiences and heartaches become more selective. Though
 Empaths may have a large circle of friends, they generally only have
 a few trusted ones. Oftentimes Empaths attract jealousy in others
 because of their many talents, loving nature and natural ability to
 get along with and network with so many people. The jealousy will
 hurt an Empath as they really cannot comprehend this behavior, or
 lack of compassionate understanding.

 Empaths usually achieve in quiet and not one to brag about their
 talents and interests. They will often promote the talents of others
 before their own. Accepting compliments are not always easy. Empaths
 are usually facially expressive as well expressive with their
 emotions and feelings. Talking openly and honestly on all topics is
 characteristic of an Empath. Because Empaths are frequently the
 recipient of listening to others problems they often retreat into the
 quiet of their minds eye. Oftentimes, the need to block out others is
 great so that the energy balance is restored.

 Empaths tend to be peacemakers, are non aggressive and non violent.
 In fact, there is an acute sensitivity to violence of any kind on TV,
 in films and especially in "real life" situations. Any infliction of
 pain or violence to others, especially animals and children will
 cause the Empath to feel physically ill and retreat. Oftentimes the
 memories of those images will replay.

Hope this helps! CindySue (Mystic)
Mystic44 Mystic44 41-45, F 95 Responses Sep 20, 2007

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Hi... I teach people to use their emotions to access their

subconscious so they can get the results they want. I am an

empathy and I can help you learn how to control your empathy.

When you're ready for a change, I can help!

All my best!

Wow....!! Awesome information. Many thanks for posting it. Can't imagine resemblances.

Thank you, Cindy. I am 65 years old and all my life I have been aware of "knowing" for no good reason. My mother described it as my talent for bringing the "true report".
I always thought of myself as an extroverted until 15 years ago when I realized how uncomfortable I feel in situations in which I have physical contact with people in crowds or even prolonged physical contact with people I know.
I discovered your webiste because I was seeking answers to my emotional turmoil following an encounter with a new friend whom I met during a shared pastime activity.
I'll call her "Jane". I had spoken to her only briefly & superficially after knowing her for a matter of weeks.
Suddenly, one day she up to me and began telling me some very personal things about her health & her personal relationships. -As she spoke, I felt as though we were in a vacuum, just the two of us, even though there were many people milling around. I was so taken aback, I didn't know how to respond to what she was saying to me. The next time I saw Jane, she was noticeably with drawn. I sensed she felt self conscious, thinking she had exposed too much. Thereafter, when ever we saw each other, we always made intense eye contact. --I began thinking here was sexual atrraction between us & I felt equally confused because initially I was no aware of
feeling attracted to her. Long story short, I realize I had gotten "caught up" in her energetics. That awareness, that clarity helps me feel less crazy.
Thank you for facilitating my clarity.

Yes it did Help. I am definitely been one who fits that definition!

Thank you so very much for posting. It hurts, all the time. It's not just the people around me, but on a global scale, the heartbreak. How do we all continue to walk around Earth knowing there's so much pain. At least I know there's a label, and I'm not going nuts. Thanks again.

You are so dead on....The wording is descriptive and accurate. thank you for defining my character, it says that I'm not crazy, I'm just sensitive to my environment.

Can't most be described as an empath? There are people incapable of empathy, but I get the feeling that I'm almost reading my horoscope

I've had my suspicions about being an empath - and it started very young when I realized at 8 years old, I could feel situations more than others and got labeled "too sensitive" like it was a curse. As I've gotten older, it is more and more of a stronger feeling. A couple of years ago, I was trying to figure out my purpose (I am now 53) and I ended up crying and shouting to the Universe, "I just want to help people!" Today, I give 1000% to my charity work, and still do not feel it is enough. I've melded with the director of the charity as he is of the same mind - it's never enough. I too, cannot watch the news AT ALL and feel if something is that important that I just HAVE to know (such as a hurricane, etc), I KNOW that some person will tell me. My spouse says I should "know what's going on in the world" and I say, 'why?' - it's only bad and I can't help someone I don't know or see on TV. I can, however, help those that are drawn to me - which they are because I care AND I listen. They ask for advice, and that's when I tend to get upset at times, because some people really don't WANT the advice, even though they say they do - they just want to hear themselves talk or they just like complaining. I pull away from those as quickly as possible. The down time? True. All true. I am an empath. :)

Cool article! Thanks for posting it!!

but I still respond the way you described..why so?

I am kind of like that, almost ,,,but I dont have many friends,,I have experienced often negativity from my family and others..

It occurred to me,
after reading many responses...
one dominant characteristic that does not fit...
If I see injustices, someone misusing/abusing a position of authority, or just plain arrogance...
there is a warrior in me that will fight for
others who do not seem to have a voice...
so i guess i am very yin/yang...
a peacemaker/wave maker...
in the end...
i am justme...

Wow, thank you for that description. I always thought I was but this just solidifies it. Thank you so much.

I am one...
so many characteristics that made me feel "defective"
"hot mess" and other descriptions...
are me!
How am I 57, a counselor, and
have never identified empathic....
can't thank you enough...
joyinthejourney, clg

Yes; I think what you say here does help. I would say that the strongest of Empaths would not feel the need to declare nor 'self-label' themselves to be anything other than caring people; even this they do quietly as they tread and the Empathist has no corner to defend. But it should be said that not everyone who might consider themselves to be Empathists are either the most sincere nor the most passive of people either.

Interesting article; thanks for the read :)


Oftentimes, the need to block out others is
great so that the energy balance is restored.

I have had this gift for the past year or so. Not even my Family's stresses bring me down. It may sound bad but I believe this has helped keep me sane!

Nice post , miss you.

All i can say is WOW! This is me almost perfectly...i literally cry my eyes out just watching someone be hurt in movies or in real life. i CANNOT WATCH IT. i LOVEEEEEE children to the core of my soul and animals are second. I dont really have any friends lol no one understands me.. I need to keep this , THANK YOU!!

This was very helpful, thank you for posting.

This is an incredible definition! :D Thank you so much for sharing!!

Wow! I shall save this and read it again, thank you for sharing.

I am 57 and in the last two years had a name to what I have felt all my life. My family called me overly sensitive from child hood, I have been medicated most of my life for crying, and shattering sadness, just hate large family or close friends gatherings the emotion overwhelming. Worked in retail management all my life and didn't know why I would be mentally exhausted all the time or could feel the anger, jealousy they hit me like a rock and weight me down.I would try to talk to family or spouse how I just knew what people felt or were thinking and finally stopped talking about it because they thought I was crazy. I can also pick up future events if its going to be tragic in visions about five feet in front of me or dreams. Geeze it all makes since now, what a waste of all those years. I get a defying ringing in my ears that can make my throat and ears itch and close up. People gravitate towards me some become more happy and love being around me others become hostile and aggressive trying to prove something or control me, it's almost feels like if they can control me they can be more powerful.

Most of this is true, especially about children and animals. I don't think empaths, like myself, are exempt from feeling jealous or envy now and again, but it does seem to pass quicker than usual. And, people don't really gravitate towards me, in fact it's pretty much the opposite. Read my take on people here:

Ps. I think people don't gravitate towards me because I now keep people at arms length, probably because of the bad experiences I've had with people in the past.

It's me.

It's nice to feel like I am not alone. Sometimes I need to be away from everyone because it hurts so badly. I know when strangers are sad, mad or happy. My college life was miserable because I couldn't stop people from coming to me with everything and anything. It has affected me so much that it has worsened my asthma symptoms. I feel completely alone and weird. I can jump into people's dreams sometimes

I love this description, it defines me perfectly! Thank you so much for supplying this information :)

What a beautiful description. Thank you!!!

Thank you for helping me understand this gift. I dont like to talk about myself at all or gather any attention, good or bad but this & other postings are helping me tremendously. I am sometimes so compassionate with every animal, human & even plants & insects that I thought I was a freak of nature but I'm starting to understand myself after 48 years. I SO appreciate your definition & feel it's spot on to my experiences. I hurt very often in my heart for others & have been told to " toughen up", get a grip & stop being such a sap/sissy but I can't & don't want to change, just want to understand this beautiful, painful gift & learn how to manage it & how to block it when I need to..what a journey.... Thank you!

Two down falls in this description for me, A-I don't always "retreat" when I should, when the iron is hot I strike and defend, B- not all people are this way, commom misconception for me. Sandi <3

I see myself quite vividly in that definition. I had been accused of being an overly sensitive person by close family members and friends for the majority of my life. I was often baffled by this because I am also the person that people in my family or circle come to when they need someone to talk to. Someone who makes them feel like they are going to be heard. Would'nt that make me a rock as well? It is confusing to me that I could be both ultra sensitive and as strong as a rock. So, I am glad to see that I am not alone in my personality type or character traits.