What Is An Empath.- Definition

I came across this definition in my psychic ability group in yahoo defining an empath, I copied to share hoping it helps others understand "What is an Empath?"


 Marked by an acute sensitivity to the feeling of others, Empaths can
 actually feel another's pain and can heal it in some way. Since
 Empaths pick up on the feelings of others, there is a great
 understanding and ability to really "see" the other person. Others
> tune into the Empaths energy and tend to gravitate towards them
knowing they are "safe" with this empathetic person.
 Empaths can have a very expressive personality, are great listeners
 and often seen counseling and not just in the professional area, they
will always find themselves helping others out and putting their own
 needs aside to do so. Very often there can be a swing to the opposite
 end of the spectrum being quiet with a need to withdraw from the
 outside world to be alone and daydream. Empaths are passionate
 towards nature, beauty, animals and children. Animals are especially
 dear to the heart. There is often an attraction to a special kind of
animal but empathy towards all animals is a common characteristic.
 Animals and young children are especially attracted and drawn to the
 Empath's qualities. There tends to be an immediate connection of

 Empaths make great friends or lovers for life but are literally
 crushed if the friendship or relationship is abused. They will
 through many experiences and heartaches become more selective. Though
 Empaths may have a large circle of friends, they generally only have
 a few trusted ones. Oftentimes Empaths attract jealousy in others
 because of their many talents, loving nature and natural ability to
 get along with and network with so many people. The jealousy will
 hurt an Empath as they really cannot comprehend this behavior, or
 lack of compassionate understanding.

 Empaths usually achieve in quiet and not one to brag about their
 talents and interests. They will often promote the talents of others
 before their own. Accepting compliments are not always easy. Empaths
 are usually facially expressive as well expressive with their
 emotions and feelings. Talking openly and honestly on all topics is
 characteristic of an Empath. Because Empaths are frequently the
 recipient of listening to others problems they often retreat into the
 quiet of their minds eye. Oftentimes, the need to block out others is
 great so that the energy balance is restored.

 Empaths tend to be peacemakers, are non aggressive and non violent.
 In fact, there is an acute sensitivity to violence of any kind on TV,
 in films and especially in "real life" situations. Any infliction of
 pain or violence to others, especially animals and children will
 cause the Empath to feel physically ill and retreat. Oftentimes the
 memories of those images will replay.

Hope this helps! CindySue (Mystic)
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Hi... I teach people to use their emotions to access their

subconscious so they can get the results they want. I am an

empathy and I can help you learn how to control your empathy.

When you're ready for a change, I can help!


All my best!

Wow....!! Awesome information. Many thanks for posting it. Can't imagine resemblances.

Thank you, Cindy. I am 65 years old and all my life I have been aware of "knowing" for no good reason. My mother described it as my talent for bringing the "true report".
I always thought of myself as an extroverted until 15 years ago when I realized how uncomfortable I feel in situations in which I have physical contact with people in crowds or even prolonged physical contact with people I know.
I discovered your webiste because I was seeking answers to my emotional turmoil following an encounter with a new friend whom I met during a shared pastime activity.
I'll call her "Jane". I had spoken to her only briefly & superficially after knowing her for a matter of weeks.
Suddenly, one day she up to me and began telling me some very personal things about her health & her personal relationships. -As she spoke, I felt as though we were in a vacuum, just the two of us, even though there were many people milling around. I was so taken aback, I didn't know how to respond to what she was saying to me. The next time I saw Jane, she was noticeably with drawn. I sensed she felt self conscious, thinking she had exposed too much. Thereafter, when ever we saw each other, we always made intense eye contact. --I began thinking here was sexual atrraction between us & I felt equally confused because initially I was no aware of
feeling attracted to her. Long story short, I realize I had gotten "caught up" in her energetics. That awareness, that clarity helps me feel less crazy.
Thank you for facilitating my clarity.

Yes it did Help. I am definitely been one who fits that definition!

Thank you so very much for posting. It hurts, all the time. It's not just the people around me, but on a global scale, the heartbreak. How do we all continue to walk around Earth knowing there's so much pain. At least I know there's a label, and I'm not going nuts. Thanks again.

You are so dead on....The wording is descriptive and accurate. thank you for defining my character, it says that I'm not crazy, I'm just sensitive to my environment.

Can't most be described as an empath? There are people incapable of empathy, but I get the feeling that I'm almost reading my horoscope

I've had my suspicions about being an empath - and it started very young when I realized at 8 years old, I could feel situations more than others and got labeled "too sensitive" like it was a curse. As I've gotten older, it is more and more of a stronger feeling. A couple of years ago, I was trying to figure out my purpose (I am now 53) and I ended up crying and shouting to the Universe, "I just want to help people!" Today, I give 1000% to my charity work, and still do not feel it is enough. I've melded with the director of the charity as he is of the same mind - it's never enough. I too, cannot watch the news AT ALL and feel if something is that important that I just HAVE to know (such as a hurricane, etc), I KNOW that some person will tell me. My spouse says I should "know what's going on in the world" and I say, 'why?' - it's only bad and I can't help someone I don't know or see on TV. I can, however, help those that are drawn to me - which they are because I care AND I listen. They ask for advice, and that's when I tend to get upset at times, because some people really don't WANT the advice, even though they say they do - they just want to hear themselves talk or they just like complaining. I pull away from those as quickly as possible. The down time? True. All true. I am an empath. :)

Cool article! Thanks for posting it!!

but I still respond the way you described..why so?

I am kind of like that, almost ,,,but I dont have many friends,,I have experienced often negativity from my family and others..

It occurred to me,
after reading many responses...
one dominant characteristic that does not fit...
If I see injustices, someone misusing/abusing a position of authority, or just plain arrogance...
there is a warrior in me that will fight for
others who do not seem to have a voice...
so i guess i am very yin/yang...
a peacemaker/wave maker...
in the end...
i am justme...

Wow, thank you for that description. I always thought I was but this just solidifies it. Thank you so much.

I am one...
so many characteristics that made me feel "defective"
"hot mess" and other descriptions...
are me!
How am I 57, a counselor, and
have never identified empathic....
can't thank you enough...
joyinthejourney, clg

Yes; I think what you say here does help. I would say that the strongest of Empaths would not feel the need to declare nor 'self-label' themselves to be anything other than caring people; even this they do quietly as they tread and the Empathist has no corner to defend. But it should be said that not everyone who might consider themselves to be Empathists are either the most sincere nor the most passive of people either.

Interesting article; thanks for the read :)


Oftentimes, the need to block out others is
great so that the energy balance is restored.

I have had this gift for the past year or so. Not even my Family's stresses bring me down. It may sound bad but I believe this has helped keep me sane!

Nice post , miss you.

All i can say is WOW! This is me almost perfectly...i literally cry my eyes out just watching someone be hurt in movies or in real life. i CANNOT WATCH IT. i LOVEEEEEE children to the core of my soul and animals are second. I dont really have any friends lol no one understands me.. I need to keep this , THANK YOU!!

This was very helpful, thank you for posting.

This is an incredible definition! :D Thank you so much for sharing!!

I am 57 and in the last two years had a name to what I have felt all my life. My family called me overly sensitive from child hood, I have been medicated most of my life for crying, and shattering sadness, just hate large family or close friends gatherings the emotion overwhelming. Worked in retail management all my life and didn't know why I would be mentally exhausted all the time or could feel the anger, jealousy they hit me like a rock and weight me down.I would try to talk to family or spouse how I just knew what people felt or were thinking and finally stopped talking about it because they thought I was crazy. I can also pick up future events if its going to be tragic in visions about five feet in front of me or dreams. Geeze it all makes since now, what a waste of all those years. I get a defying ringing in my ears that can make my throat and ears itch and close up. People gravitate towards me some become more happy and love being around me others become hostile and aggressive trying to prove something or control me, it's almost feels like if they can control me they can be more powerful.

Most of this is true, especially about children and animals. I don't think empaths, like myself, are exempt from feeling jealous or envy now and again, but it does seem to pass quicker than usual. And, people don't really gravitate towards me, in fact it's pretty much the opposite. Read my take on people here: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-An-Empath/2812174

Ps. I think people don't gravitate towards me because I now keep people at arms length, probably because of the bad experiences I've had with people in the past.

It's me.

It's nice to feel like I am not alone. Sometimes I need to be away from everyone because it hurts so badly. I know when strangers are sad, mad or happy. My college life was miserable because I couldn't stop people from coming to me with everything and anything. It has affected me so much that it has worsened my asthma symptoms. I feel completely alone and weird. I can jump into people's dreams sometimes

I love this description, it defines me perfectly! Thank you so much for supplying this information :)

What a beautiful description. Thank you!!!

Thank you for helping me understand this gift. I dont like to talk about myself at all or gather any attention, good or bad but this & other postings are helping me tremendously. I am sometimes so compassionate with every animal, human & even plants & insects that I thought I was a freak of nature but I'm starting to understand myself after 48 years. I SO appreciate your definition & feel it's spot on to my experiences. I hurt very often in my heart for others & have been told to " toughen up", get a grip & stop being such a sap/sissy but I can't & don't want to change, just want to understand this beautiful, painful gift & learn how to manage it & how to block it when I need to..what a journey.... Thank you!

Two down falls in this description for me, A-I don't always "retreat" when I should, when the iron is hot I strike and defend, B- not all people are this way, commom misconception for me. Sandi <3

I see myself quite vividly in that definition. I had been accused of being an overly sensitive person by close family members and friends for the majority of my life. I was often baffled by this because I am also the person that people in my family or circle come to when they need someone to talk to. Someone who makes them feel like they are going to be heard. Would'nt that make me a rock as well? It is confusing to me that I could be both ultra sensitive and as strong as a rock. So, I am glad to see that I am not alone in my personality type or character traits.

Woah that described me almost perfectly, although i like do like violence on tv as long as it is men battling or an evil woman.

Holly **** u just described me... But only violence twords animals women and children messes with me

Why women, children, and animals? What's your reasoning, voodoo?

Children are defensless dont know why but i idolize women (not gay or transgender or anything like that) and i like animals, i just dont give a **** about guys for some reason mabey cause all the dudes i know are dicks tords girls

I'm ONLY an Empath for the plants and trees.

Very accurate description, would you mind me sending others to look at this if they need explaining? (new friends, close people who are new to me telling them what i am etc) One flaw though, Im an empath yer the violence/agression thing dont fit me.. Im very hot tempered, and violence dont bother me, unless it is a wicked, unjust, er evil act.

i think I may be one

I have found a way to block other energy out that you don't want to feel. I have known I was different for a long time I just didn't know what to call it. I am sure this is different for everyone but always keep energies in memory. It will take time and PRACTICE but once you get it down it works great. Only side effect of this is well it is taxing... What I mean is when you pick up on others its taxes you later but if you dont want to feel that pain that emotion remember the others. its less taxing then having to pick up on everything and you can shut out what you dont want

This describes me exactly. Being an empath made me miserable, but a year and a half ago I started meditating for an hour a day, and it has changed my life. Other people's emotions don't tip me over anymore, and I know whatever feelings I do experience from others, I can release through meditation. <br />
I am less afraid to go out in the world. I am also opening up to just how sensitive I really am, and using that to become more compassionate. I think I shut down a lot of compassion from being so vulnerable to other people's feelings - I just wanted the unwanted feelings to stop, and I resented being forced to feel other people's pain and sorrow. Now I have tools to deal with that, and I'm not afraid.<br />
If you are an empath, consider meditation. It might change your life.

An hour! While I'm very nearly convinced of the positive attributes of meditation, I can't seem to last for more than ten minutes before my thoughts start racing and I need to break away into reality again. An hour. Wow. :-)

wow this actually explains a lot to me. I've always wondered why people gravitate towards me.

This is so true. I can relate to it all.. It makes things very hard at times.. Ill give too much energy to others and not keep any for myself. I want to get a better handle on my gift.

Well said. As a professional in the business, your borrowed definition is quite good.

Thank you for posting this, I have always had trouble not understanding why I felt others negativity towards me so strongly. Why did I seem like the only one to pay attention to it or notice it? Why do people ask, whats wrong with your face? I seen this group and couldn't get it out of my head. I started to question, is that the community of people I have been looking for? I have felt so outcast and misunderstood for so long. If that is the definition of an empath, I feel as though I may be on the correct path. Again, Thank You.

This article is me to a tee. The more I read on empaths, the more I see myself.

Sometimes some emotions are better left unknown, it's difficult to be around people for to long my best friends I speak to every few weeks so I don't sense enough negativity to not want them around me, I've tried to tell myself no one is perfect I'm not so how can I expect others to be but it's when it conflicts w me like when I sense them analyzing me thinking things about my appearance friends shouldn't be jealous of friends or say they are happy for you when in reality they wish the happiness for themselves am I just babbling on or can someone understand me?

Sometimes some emotions are better left unknown, it's difficult to be around people for to long my best friends I speak to every few weeks so I don't sense enough negativity to not want them around me, I've tried to tell myself no one is perfect I'm not so how can I expect others to be but it's when it conflicts w me like when I sense them analyzing me thinking things about my appearance friends shouldn't be jealous of friends or say they are happy for you when in reality they wish the happiness for themselves am I just babbling on or can someone understand me?

Thank you. This describes me perfectly. I tend to withdraw from people or absorb their feelings.<br />
<br />
Thanks for clearing this up. I feel as though I fit with a group.

Wow, thanks for this simple definition. This is really helpful! XO

Thank you so much ......the more I learn about this gift the more I am able to create a balance within myself .

Thank you so much ......the more I learn about this gift the more I am able to create a balance within myself .

:) This information totally made my day! I feel like....O thats why I have children, animals, people unloading and being drawn to me constantly. Often times I seem to absorb energy so quickly I mistake it as my own, refusing to move on until it is resolved. Thank goodness I have a sister who is very helpful and will read my energy and ask if I am ok. I'm slowly learning to push out my energy, protect myself and become more selective about who is close to me & whether or not to try to heal. Most times, lol, I cant resist! I want so badly to heal and help others but it is very exhausting and destracting to my own life. Thank you so much for you post!

Wow...that is me to a tee. I just thought I was more sensitive to people and animals and nature. I am forever on the back burner ( not good, I know) to make sure everyone else is ok, and when someone hurts...I literally feel a pain in my heart or stomach. For instance, I take care of a dear friend of mine who has alzheimer's, diabetis, and neuropahty. I have'nt had a day off in over a year and a half, and while doing this I am also the manager and agent for a friend who is a great singer/songwritter. It took me about 3 months, but I got him a record contract. Everything you wrote about is...me. So, interestingly enough, I have a few psychic friends who I consult. They are telling me I am a healer and that my guides help me do that for people. I do find myself wanted to get confirmations on it though....

OMG that is like reading a biography of myself..quite freaky. I have always been different to others - feeling liike the outsider watching everybody..but then I can talk to everyone and people open up to me, tell me their woes, cry.. and I listen, give advice and make people feel better about their situation. I have found it so easy to meet people (esp when single) as I get along with everyone. This caused enough problems as you can imagine and I had to shut off the openness just to control my life. I have not fully ever opeded back up again. I am a bit scared of being the weird one again.

Wow, I think I may be an Empath.....all of these characterize me....

@ prettypiscesNYC,<br />
@ LittleLena,<br />
<br />
I guess you two didn't read the earlier posts on this..I might help if you did....<br />
@ NYC,<br />
What you discribe has nothing to do with being empathic.. you were simply caight up in the human condition... which as you said.. is simply doing what every one else is doing.. you say you have a drive to fit in.. well thats just part of it.<br />
<br />
@ Lena,<br />
The writers do that for the characters.. its again just following the most popular emotion for the characters so you can relate and get hooked.. But it also works both ways.. because a lot of people like to see the nasty side of people... of course they think they are exluded..<br />
<br />
Being empathic is a way of being with out the drama.. If someone is feeling bad.. it is not a cry for help... most of the time they don't know what is going on and if you say something most will say you are invadiding their space.. It usually doesn't work when you try.<br />
<br />
It is a way of know where YOU are and take care of things so you wont wind up like them...<br />
<br />
...................................................................................... Lou

YES, I can agree wholeheartedly with this post. Being an EMPATH my entire life - in a world that VALUES *materialism* over Spiritual substance...I've tried MANY attempt to "fit in". For years I have been searching for super (hyper) SENSITIVE individuals like myself to RELATE to. I usually go into situations quite innocently although I will be the FIRST to admit, I'm not so innocent in the sense that I have used my acute KNOWLEDGE of other's to benefit myself - again, to FIT IN - I understand thats not a proper justification. afterwards, I felt IMMENSE GUILT as I don't like to see other's hurt or in pain. At the time, I believed it was JUSTIFIED since they hurt me first. The TRUTH is, we must FORGIVE everyone even those who are "jealous" of us...they only want us to be on their LEVEL.<br />
<br />
EMPATHS are better off ALONE in most cases since we PICK up energies/vibes from others. I worked in a club for a few years which led to drugs & drinking heavily - FAR from my true nature. It seems we pick up the habits GOOD or BAD of those we are exposed to on a daily basis. The sad part is, I LOVE people but there are VERY few I TRUST.<br />
<br />
I am now a mom. REMOVED from the negative lifestyle & people. Recently, I rediscovered my PATH to Jesus & feel at PEACE most of the time. Everyday is a struggle for us to function like everyone else. Being so SENSITIVE makes it easy to attract "Emotional Vampires". They are very toxic. I am still learning how to recognize them in order to AVOID them at ALL costs.<br />
<br />
Thanks again for sharing:)

Thank you for the definition. It's exactly right. I can sense another person's mood without even looking at them. I feel their emotions. They radiate out from them. Especially anger. I can sense that immediately. It's nice to know there are so many other people out there as empaths. I'm sure I can learn a lot more.

Oh wow. This helped so much...I mean, I've always loved children and my friends come to me when they have a problem but I didn't think there was a name for it...But I'm very facially expressive and HATE compliments and when something happens to a friend of mine (like she gets a new bf or something) I feel like it's happening to me, which can often be kind of confusing and even annoying. To avoid feeling everyone's problems I just...flip a switch and don't feel anything. People think I'm depressed or don't care. Kinda sucks sometimes but I prefer nothing to...EVERYTHING- you know?<br />
<br />
But anyways- thanks so much for posting this! Helps a ton:)<br />
<br />

When I was younger, I was highly empathic.<br />
It was ruining my life. I was constantly feeling down due to the emotions of people around me. I guess living in the city didn't help a lot. There seems to be so many unhappy people in the city. There was more than one occasion that I cried due to the emotions overwhelming me.<br />
<br />
After that, I blocked out most of the emotions. I now have trouble feeling people out, which saddens me too. I'm trying to open up again, but part of me is scared to do so. If only the world was a happier place.<br />
As for the desc<x>ription, this was me when I was younger. Parts of it still apply to me. I still have a desire to help people and people still gravitate towards me. I'm also a bit of a loner.

this is me too a Tee

Me to a tee

The sad part for me is that no matter where or whom I start "recieving" from.. the emotions are all a mix of sad ones.. that is except for many animals, such as dogs. <br />
I recently stayed at a friends house while they were gone. Not just the house but the dog, Carmella.<br />
<br />
The dog was fine for a couple of days. Then she started looking for her owners. She would go from room to room looking. After 4 days, she lost her appitite and wouldn't eat.. only her dog treats I had brought. After 6 days, she would not even eat the treats.. she was so sad.<br />
<br />
We see this in many pets..yet we do ot make the connection that the animal has.. or we down play it. To me Carmella is as we should be.. making full use of what we have. But.. the dog can not reason as we do and only goes with what she feels. I "knew" her owners were coming home that night and I had no way to tell her.<br />
<br />
But people can reason.. and still there is so much sadness. It seems we were made this way for a reason.. a reason we have lost the meaning of... surely we don't use what we have...<br />
<br />
,.................................................................. Lou

Are the amount of people you feel supposed to grow along with the intensity as you grow older?

I've never heard of this term before, but it sounds alot like me, everything except the animals part :S

I ignored this for a good part of my life.. everything was working I just didn't want it.. <br />
Now, I am working at opening up to as much as I can get... these are both choices that I made.<br />
<br />
I can not imagine why you would want to be less but that is your choice.. both you and I are making a choice..<br />
Perhaps you can explain why you would want to be less than you are.. I would really like to know.<br />
I am writing a book that touches on our empathic side.. so I am interested in why you want this...

Lou I don't believe people can choose to be insensitive or not. I've been trying for years to be less sensitive to no avail. I just am.

Everybody is an empath... ALL mammals are.. we are born this way.<br />
<br />
Look up The Limbic System on-line.. it explains Limbic Resonance also known as Empathic Resonance...<br />
You are just born this way... you can choose to be INSENSITIVE as most people are... your choice..

Alright then....tell me how. I would like to learn.

According too that definition, i am an empath!

I am an emphath according the definition you posted, however, I always just thought I was sensitive. I'm not sure what the difference is? Please explain to me.

This also describes me, but how do you stop it from over running your life and bringing you down..I now suffer from depression and anxiety and drink way too much. MY empathy has turned to anger although I still feel empathy. I feel like all my life I have taken the pain from others and it is now in me.<br />
<br />
I feel cursed with this it has taken so much out of me that I have no more to give, my relationship of 18 years has gone down the tube. yet I still know where others are going wrong, and what they should do to get it right.<br />
<br />
I hate this.

Thank you so much, I now know what I truly am!

Most of the list fits my experience, as well as a few things that weren't mentioned.<br />
<br />
People mainly focus on the sensing pain and negative emotions, but there is also a sensing of joy, happiness, and positive emotions as well as sexual feelings around some persons or couples.<br />
<br />
Thankfully, I'm not aware of the physical pains of others, but have lately become aware of an ability to transform what I'm sensing and reproject it, like anxiety to calmness, and some anger to lightheartedness. I don't have to speak to the persons to do this, just focus on the opposite of what I'm sensing. This is a fairly new discovery, so I should probably say less until I know more, and just learn and practice.<br />
<br />
I don't feel comfortable thinking of myself as a psychic, I guess because popular culture has so maligned and misused the term. I don't know what people are thinking, which makes the emotional messages a little confusing, it's very disconcerting to encounter a person whose energies don't match up with their outward ex<x>pression, which happens a lot in public. Animals are much easier, so honest (lol).<br />
<br />
The only real problem is maybe being too sensitive to use this on any broad, collectively helpful scale. I can't deal with too many people at once, or in a given time fr<x>ame, I'm best with one-on-one interaction.

The desc<x>ription fits me almost to a T, including that people have been jealous of me and it is hard to understand why. I don't mean to create jealousy in anyone. <br />
I find that strangers will sometimes share all of their troubles with me after 30 minutes or less of chatting. I do feel sometimes that friendships are rather one sided in that I hear all the troubles but don't feel that their eyes start glazing over if I share much of what is might be distressful in my life. So most of the time if I share, I make it sound much less of an issue than it might be simply because I don't think I will get the same amount of empathy that I naturally give out. <br />
I worked as a social worker in the field of mental health for 7 years and it literally exhausted me to be with some of my clients because I felt what they were going through so deeply and found it difficult if not impossible to leave work at work. <br />
I thankfully left that kind of work but have all my life been the person who other poured their deepest hurts and secrets out to. I don't mind that and am glad to be able to help, but feel overwhelmed when people will not listen to suggestions and just load the same things over and over with no attempt to change their situation. <br />
I love animals and can't bear to watch shows where animals are abused in the plot. Same with children or anyone who is helpless.<br />
I am very affected by music and art that I will cry over something that is beautiful to hear or see. I prefer to work in a quiet environment and am easily distracted by a lot of commotion around me. I find it hard to hear what some people are saying because I am so distracted by their body language that I can't hear what they are saying to me. In that case, I ask if they will email me what their main points are concerning something they want me to do in the way of work. I prefer getting instructions from clients on the phone. I am in the IT industry freelance. <br />
I love very deeply and when that love is broken it hurts so deeply I feel that it is far worse than physical pain. I am very cautious in who I make intimate friends and so have many friends but few who really know me. I have had long time friends say that they have felt that I am very open but then there is a limit and I shut the door at that limit and will not let people past that point. I didn't realize I was doing that with this particular long time friend. <br />
I do not tend to trust many people with my heart, very very few. If betrayed I take it very hard and tend to back completely away from that person, never to be other than polite with them after that. <br />
I find it very hard to talk for very long on shallow subjects although I have done that just to be with people but tend to just smile and tune out pointless conversation. What Paris Hilton is doing is about as interesting to me as finding out which orange juice is on sale at the grocery store. Only interesting for about 10 seconds.<br />
I find that most people like me and trust me but don't quite understand me. And then others who for a reason completely unknown to me will dislike me immediately. Sometimes I think it is because I can see through what they are saying and it is disturbing to them, perhaps. <br />
It is a great asset to me as a musician and singer but a handicap in that I find it hard to get over being hurt emotionally and do tend to have to withdrawn just to regain my balance. I love people, but I find I am overwhelmed by some people at the same time and tend to avoid them because they drain all my energy. <br />
So I guess I am a HSP. In a lot of ways though, now that I am older, I am much better than when I was younger, have found life more enjoyable and do tend to look at this trait more ob<x>jectively instead of getting all frustrated with my own emotions.

Annie, out of the posts I've read, there was a kindred spirit more w your experience. Maybe more of a mature understanding or explanation...I don't know. Oddly enough I've been reading a book on angels, given to me last month by my mother, whose middle name is Anne. I did not look at your name until I had the urge to post on here. I've known I was different all my life and had all the experiences as you.

I burst into tears after reading this. I've been dealing with this my whole life and most of the time it feels more like a curse than a blessing. I can't even do volunteer work anymore because all of these emotions are so overwhelming. Thank you for making this clear to me. At least now I know what I am.

i just found out a while ago that i have this...i am only 13... this morning my dad stubbed his toe... i felt the pain in the same toe at the same time... my mom got a tattoo a while ago and i had a rash in the same area on my body where she got her tattoo...i got very confused but she said that it was empath... is it a bad thing to have this?

Thank u! i too have always always been perceptive to helping other people. it has always been a big part of me. it makes me happy to cheer up a sad person with a gift or a kind word.. and, i wanted to know the definition of this was word. :)

Great definition and commentary.

Yes. I can relate to all of this as well.<br />
Thank you for posting.

I was watching TV lastnight, and a teenage boy came on an said he was an Empath and can feel others engeries. I thought "OMG, this is me." I didn't know that there was a name for this. I always just thought, i am over sensative, I am anxitious.Everytime i meet someone, or walk in a room I am overwhelmed with energies. I know things about people before they talk. And sometimes I know when something is going to happen. Some close friends think it is a gift. But I get sooo tired sometimes and it is soo overwhelming. I have, Over the years (not knowing that I am an Empath) limited my social group, and tried to block these feeling out. And in doing this, I have a hard time connecting to my loved ones as well. I wish there was a support group, to learn how to balanace these feeling. Anyone know where there might be one in Long Beach, CA or close?

oh wow that description was amazing,now i know im not being stupid when i feel other peoples pain so badly.i cant believe theres a name for it,i have sometimes thought i was going mad,this site is enlightening in so many ways

I am all those things. Yes, I do get another impression even if it is in direct contravention to what they say. I know when they are pissed off even when they smile. I know when they hate me. I know when they are sad but don't want to talk about it. I just know. But the thing is, how do I know I'm right? What if it's all in my head?

A great description. Thanks

Would you say an empath is usually born with the ability, or does he/she develop it? After reading your (and some other) definition of empath, I think and feel I may fit the description a bit. But I also have other issues that intermix, and I believe empathy arose as a side effect of those, during my childhood; I had a very lonely one, and I believe loneliness went to an extreme and made me very perceptive of other's moods and feelings, to simply try and connect to others with the least amount of available information. As my teenage years passed the loneliness went away, replaced by massive social life, love relationships, deeper friendships and a generally more healthy lifestyle. Still, pathologies remained deep in my mind, and the empathy also. Would you say I could have acquired it from zero, or I had to have some part of it in me from birth?

I don't know whether it matters after a while in our life, but I have certainly thought that about myself and other close friends who share the same kind of "tuning in" ability, often to their detriment and not always in a pleasant way (there is a reason why certain emotions are "hidden", seeing them is not always pretty until you can learn to "shut them out"). What we all had in common was growing up virtually alone, for very different circumstances. I believe this empathy is in fact a skill we all possess, as humans, but unless we live alone, we are taught to ignore it, replace it with material wants, tv, advertising, jealousies among children, needs for attention and so forth, the list is infinite. When you grow up alone, on the other hand, you are more "raw" and when you suddenly start interacting with society, you see them the way people from older, more paced, less congested human societies see them: clearly.

I thought HSP was Henoch Schönlein Purpura, can u tell me about being a Highly sensitive person.. I'm sensitive to everything to the extent where I find myself retreating but I don't think I'm an empath. I do feel the things you mentioned in the story but how can you tell?

well, i have to say i have never looked up the definition of empath. and i do see many traits of this in maybe a very young or nieve empath. i am now older but those traits (except the having a whole lot of friends bit ) applied to me. i have turned off the empathy for animals as i need to take care of other people and get over the animal abuse delema because it was too much for me to deal with because ther is little to be done and i do have more personally pressing matters to deal with at home these days. same goes for other peoples children switch turned off unless i see a serious reason to connect and help. becoming a parent helped me realize that children are emotional about things ESPECIALLY when they dont get what they want. i am empathetic towards them but try to distance for they are still immature and need time to have their emotions level out thru life experiences. i am however very empathetic towards adults by choice. it seems like all my neighbors have issues- i never ask their problems but can help them get an emotion out by listening. i tend to do less than i would like because alot of people in this particular area are very superstitious or religious and i try not to make may suggestions. but listening helps them and they do appreciate it. <br />
throughout life i have learned that an adult a baby an elderly person and a child are all worth exactly the same. you do not lose value because you are no longer a child and definetly do not gain value because you are elderly. thinking logically and purposly doing some critical thinking/decision making hads made being an empath easier to live with.

That has helped me to understand so many things..... Not only have I learned more about myself and my abilities.... I can understand more about them...... Thanks!!

Thanks for posting this definition-- it's good for people to have this. <br />
<br />
If these qualities fit you, it's a good bet you are also an "HSP" (or highly sensitive person).

Thanks for the 'definition'; it was great and better than anything that I found. Maybe it's the season, but lately, my protective 'force field' isn't working very well; I seem to get knocked down more than I used to! I found a site that recommended letting the emotions "flow thru" instead of trying to block them. I know that I am not ready for that! Take care.

Well it is fairly easy to "know" for instance I cannot get enough of helping others, it is like an inner drive, the ability to discern things by feeling it out helps as the compass for the work. Like some people I sense need ALOT of help, but I will just "feel" that I will not be able to do much", not everyone wants help as well, you learn to reach out to those who are reaching as well. Otherwise ya kinda get knocked back. lol

i agree. If you are an empath, chances are good that helping others is as natural as eating. But i think we tend to overload ourselves.

Is that truly the purpose , to help others ? How does one know ? Sometimes i wonder why am i drawn here , does that make sense?

Yep! *smiles* Glad it helped!

Thanks mystic , i have wondered why people seem to hone in on me . Kids and animals my whole life and heart.