I'm Almost 100 Percent Sure I Am..

i dont kno why but i think i might be an empath,

i seem to almost literally feel other peoples pain. basically when they hurt, i am hurting. its very overwhelming sometimes cuz i dont understand it.


i also seem to have a 'bad feeling' the instant something bad happens to one of my friends. (i have had proof of this)


maybe its a coincidence, or maybe not. but if anyone has feedback please message me, i'd really like to kno.

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a wise man once told me that when you do this, you are actually feeling pain that you think that person should be feeling, but your feeling it for them instead and they are completely oblivious to it. They are not feeling it! It is actually not very helpful to anyone and though it is interesting and cool to feel so close to someone, dealing with your own stuff is much better. that stuff will bring you down. I know this to be true also because when i do massage (im a cmt) i used to take on peoples actual physical pain being too empathetic, such as migraines, broken bones, bruises, etc. I learned to empathize as far as my wrists and hands but not let that energy pass through my whole body and brain. I hope this helps!

i'm used to it. it doesnt stress me out anymore.<br />
<br />
i'm kind of glad i am like this, but other times it does upset me.<br />
<br />
cuz if a friend of mine is really upset and hurting, i am too

I also feel the pain others feel sometimes. It used to stress me out, but now I've grown used to it and I consider it a gift.