Am I An Empath?


I'm a newbie here. Am I an empath? I still don't know. So I list down my experieces;

1. I don't really like crowded place because I could not stand the feelings I get from the crowd.

2. I think I know when someone is lying to me.

3. I know when someone is really sad, happy or angry.

4. I get to feel strange when something bad is happening to me. Just like yesterday, paypal deducted my money from my account to pay a recurring payment that I had forgotten to cancel. Last month, I was on my way to other town and I felt that I would be missing something when I return, and later my cousin died in an accident.

5. I could feel that someone is looking for me or talk behind my backs...a skill that I harness from previous experiences. More like a hunch feeling.

6. When people talk about their experiences to me, it felt like I was in their shoes. I get how they felt.

I know that to some sounds cliche but that is what I experienced. Sometimes, I wish I would be clueless but I could not, when someone talk to me, I felt like that they are conveying their feelings to me.

I know when someone is insincere with me or when they really don't like me.....I could sense their hidden hostilities.....

It's like a burden. I guess that is why I prefer to be alone in a empty or secluded place because I could relax.

If there is a scientific study on empathy, I would gladly volunteer....




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All humans are born empathic.. as well as all mammals. The tests you took only verify what you were born with and for your own reasons have decided to allow..Being human you have the ability to react as humans have evolve to do.. The other mammals have not .<br />
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Look up the Limbic system and see what and where in you produces these fellings and awarenesss. When you are aware of another it is called Limbic Resonance, also known as Empthic Resonance..<br />
Its simply a tool you were intended to use.. but.. also there is the Human Condition which allows you to make up fantastic notions of what you feel. <br />
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............................................... Lou

hello! i am not really sure if i have any ablities or if im just in sensitive to peoples emotions. but all my life i have been very sensitive. i remember when i was younger my cat was pregnant and before she went into labor i knew something wasnt right with her. i instanly went and got ice cubes and felt the need to cool her off. my parents always said it was because i have a mothers intuition. i often have dreams that later happen. i hate that feeling knowing that i had dreamed about it and now it is happening. or when i was about twelve i asked my dad if the neighbors house was for sale. i swear i saw the sign but he said no. but then the next day it was for sale. my dads reason was they must have told me. in 2005 on july 5 my uncle died me my dad sister and brother flew out for the wake and funeral. before we left i asked my dad if we could please take the camera i said i want to remember this place. he said no its not a vacation its for family. well as we were walking out the door he said go ahead go grab the camera. i took so many pictures. but sadly three weeks later my sister was killed in a horrible car accident. these were the last pictures we ever had of her. my dad is so happy i begged to take it. but the night of her car accident i knew something was wrong not right away i was with her but just wanted to go home. but around one am i got this horrible feeling something was wrong. but i instenly thought of my brother because he is a very implusive person never taking care of himself and i could not find him. the next morning i found out around one am my sister was killed in an accident. but there are lots of little things like that happen to me. i also have always had a hard time being near people suffering emotionaly. i have always felt there pain and the need to take it away. more recently i have noticed people have been seeking me out. some people i have not seen in years and meeting new people. they feel the need to tell me everything. but when there all done they always say wow i feel so much better. whenever i look in someones eyes i feel like i can read them not there excact thoughts but a general idea. this can be very frustrating at times and very emotional for me. i almost feel crazy sometimes. i feel like a light switch. i can go from being so happy to feeling unsure feeling something is wrong or just a sudden extreme emotion from the blue. if anyone can tell me what is going on id would really enjoy someone elses point of view here.... thank you

I am glad you took Heidi's test. I would recommend you look into some of Doreen Virtue's books about the chakras, and also a book with meditations. Mrs. Virtue's work is excellent. She can give you some exercises to work with your chakras. I will also give you this site<br />
<br /> there is a lot of info on this site. You need the chakra mantras. If you cannot find them I will give them to you phonetically. After a period of meditation, prayer, and learning about the chakras, you need to retake Heidi's test, for your scores will change. The important thing about meditation is the relaxation and grounding to restore yourself and recharge. You also need to learn how to shield yourself so you don't feel everyone's ache and pain. Empathy is a special gift but you have to take care of yourself. Love and Light to you, Rickie Lee

I went to Heidi Sawyer's website and took the psychic test ... this is my result.<br />
<br />
Psi Q test results - your score out of ten.<br />
<br />
Telepathy/Empathy 08<br />
Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing 08<br />
Psychokinesis 07<br />
Precognition 08<br />
Channeling 07<br />
<br />
Score: How to rate your points in brief<br />
Telepathy 0-3 Poor 4-6 Good 7-10 Excellent <br />
Clairvoyance 0-3 Average 4-5 Good 6+ Exceptional <br />
Psychokinesis 0-5 Average 6-8 Good 9+ Amazing <br />
Precognition 0-3 Poor 4-7 Good 8-10 Excellent <br />
Channeling 0-3 Poor 4-7 Very Good 8-10 Talented <br />
<br />
I had just dec 25, 2004....I felt a sudden feeling of grieving....and you guys know what happened on the following day (i guess being in the same region, gave me that feeling). i never told anyone about that...because few months before that i was attending relative's funeral and I told a man that someone would die soon after...the man's father passed away a couple of months after that.<br />
<br />
another thing is..... i had a slovenian friend and he was injured while skiing...I had a dream of him in the hospital with leg injury and he was surprised when I told him about the dream...then he told me about the injury.<br />
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it is very spooky indeed

thank you all.<br />
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well i don't think that I'm like scareddreamer....I don't see ppl past present or touching them....i don't like looking into people's eyes when talking to them...some might think I'm rude but I feel very uneasy doing that....<br />
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rickie lee, I'll check her out..and let you guys know what are the outcomes.<br />
<br />

I completely agree, dreamer. Sounds like you have multiple abilities, the gift of precognizance. Google this name--Heidi Sawyer. She has a quiz you can take to determine which gifts you possess. I would also recommend the site and the book called "Natural Witchery" by Ellen Duggan. She also has some quizes in her book to help you discover the names for your gifts. Brightest Blessings to you all, Rickie Lee

I agree with RickieLee. You need to harness your ablities. First of all never ignore them if you do it will make itself known somehow... It happened to me it can happen to you. But the diffrense in our personilities are our abilities your an empath and I can 'hear,feel' what people are thinking ang feeling when I touch them I can also see their past, present, and future.

Sounds like you are an empath. Learning to shield yourself and to ground and meditate is important, it will help you relax and feel better. Rickie Lee