Another Newbie.


I am another newbie here. I think that I might be an Empath. But I know that I am hypersensitive when it comes to relating to other (Or lack thereof). There should be a quiz "Are you an Empath?"

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Google "Are you an empath" and you will find there are loads of them!

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Someone did tell me that I had some psychic ability. That is what I am trying to explore. And by the way, I am Wiccan, but that was before I realize that I might be a psychic empath.

I am a psychic empath,that comes naturally to me every day of my life since young.I read on here of people asking about this.I have every ability of a empath and so much more.I truly understand everything about this ability,I live it.I was born with this as I was born on a cusp.I was also born into old witchcraft ability,I do not practice.

Hello, I am also new here. I also think I am an empath but that is a recent development. I hope you will accept me into your circle! :)

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I know that I am intuitive and I am still learning about it. So I am a newbie intuitive too. The problem is that I cannot feel any muscles.<br />
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Besides, now I know that I feel the same thing that all my fellow peers are feeling, stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

Thanks Scareddreamer and xxtman,<br />
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I am looking for people that I can relate with. It's hard to find people who are empaths in real life. I think that lots of people do hide what they truly fee when they are around others. I'd prefer people who share a similar interest with me. I'd prefer positive experiences, but there are some negative experiences that I can right about as well. Just do not dwell upon them.<br />
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But here's a question to everyone. How do I deal with being an empath and what do I do when there is a situation, such as I have to pick my own partner for a massage class (Which I hate due to the fact that most people would choose their friends and not someone else). I mean how do I handle that without tears in my eyes in the first place?<br />
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That situation reminds me of being picked last on a team in Middle School and standing right by the school doors during recess when I was a child.

Hi Midnight, I'm a bit of an Empath myself. I feel other's pain. I can easily cry when I hear another's story so I know exactly how you feel.

Here is my suggestion. Pick the person that no one else seems to want to pick. Reach out to someone that you feel needs to experience a little kindness.

LORD the person before me should be nicer. If you think your an empath just look up empath groups on this sight . Or if you want to talk privately with me about your abilities just message me. I'm open to anything.

welcome newbie lol starr hope you are finding your way round and the regulars are being nice lol,empath they will have a field day with that one (kidding) take care have fun