Finally Finding Direction

I have known I am an empath for many years now. It's been a struggle to try to keep everything calm. (I have a few other abilities that I can't turn off either.) I'm trying to look at it as a gift, and I think soon I will, since I have found someone to help. I laugh when people that know I'm an emapth ask me how to do it. Honestly, I don't know. I can't explain how I breathe, how my heart beats, how I feel people, how I see spirits, etc. It all just happens. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. I'm realizing that there are more empaths out there than I originally thought. Yay!

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Sometimes it is hard to become comfortable in our own skin. Some people do it with ease. Then there are others who struggle. I think acceptance of who and what you are is important. After that, learning to protect yourself, to cleanse your aura, to ground, relax, avoid stressful and negative situations that you know will cause you difficulties. I can understand why some empaths are unhappy with that ability. It can be actually painful. But there are positive aspects to it as well. Once you discover how to care for yourself, then life as an empath becomes a little easier. It is a life long learning process. <br />
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You know, many people don't know anything about empathy, and that empaths exist. Perhaps they would turn down the negative a bit, if they knew the discomfort that they cause. <br />
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Love and Light to all, Rickie Lee

From my experience, it's because those that want it are those that don't live with it. My ex was one that wanted me to teach him, but he saw it as more of a cool super power or something. He didn't pay attention to the struggles that I was having just living day to day. He didn't realize that it's useful, but I have no way of turning it off when I get tired and run down. He couldn't relate to me getting overwhelmed because he was depressed for awhile because he wouldn't tell me about it. I think many people would think differently walking awhile in our shoes and having to come up with techniques and strategies to relax and not be so overwhelmed.

Here's my comment.I am a empath,I was born like this.I have much ability and know alot about this because I live it.I don't know if you can learn this but I would ask you this,why would anyone want to learn this ability.It causes much stress in my life.

Hi, I'm Rickie Lee. I recommended a site online to someone else that has a quiz. google the name Heidi Sawyer. She has a quiz that you can take to measure your abilities. Another good site is<br /> I recommend the works of Doreen Virtue, but there are lots of other good ones too. also these are all good sites. I found a great book at a thrift store, one of those books called Meditations for Dummies which has a tremendous amount of great information in it to help ground, draw energies, history of meditations, postures, it covers everything. I am glad you are coming into your power. Brightest Blessings, Rickie Lee