It Just Seems to Get Harder

I have two grown children. My daughter is 35 with 2 children, one 15 & one 7. She is pregnant withher 3rd child. My son has 3 children. Two live in Florida with their mom. The rest live here in New York but I only get to see them maybe once every week or so. I really miss them. My grand-daughter has her own friends and her grandmother is the last person she wants to hang out with. I know I should have my own life and I try to but sometimes I'd really like to spend some time with them. Any other empty nesters out there with the same concerns? How do you handle it?
dotwoman dotwoman
51-55, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2007

dotwoman I am not quite there yet but will be soon. You are lucky you get to see your children and grandchildren as often as you do. I am trying to develop my interests. Self help, classes in photography and writing, getting more exercise and generally just learning to be able to not be dependent on others for my happiness.