Rock And A Hard Place

My husband and  are now a one income family due to the present economy. We have 3 grown kids. Only one is successful and independent. The other two live together,fight like crazy, are ungratefull, and treat us with total disrespect. They have stolen from us,call usually when they want something and we are paying 1/3 of their rent which we can ill afford. Each daughter has a young child and that is why we feel trapped. We can't bear the thought of them on the streets. Due to a medical condition of mine, I cannot care for them full time at my home should the girls lose the apt when the lease is up in July. I am sick with worry and don't know what to do. Please please can anyone advise me?

wanderingvine wanderingvine
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I feel your pain, am truly sorry you are going though this.

Hey there, its hard to say no to your kids..sometimes you just have to push them out of the nest. The bigger issue is with their children isn't it? Do they have the fathers in their lives? If not are they being paid child support? Is there any public assistance available?