I've been an energy healer and am able to help many to find healing, I don't think this is some kind of gift but I'm accessing a capacity that everyone can access...
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Gosh it's old post, wish you're still around to be asked, I've been confused with my healing ability.

hit here, I'm still around, you can contact me here

sorry, hi there... smiling

OH you're here xD.
Hii how are you doing? Hope I don't bother you.
I've been confused with my healing ability, it just came out slowly and every time I heal someone, it moves into my body and makes me sick, I don't know how to let them out from my body. I'm not sure if I want more meditate to fix it or to complete it or anything involve. I meditate only to get peaceful reason but it seems it just makes me more get the skill.

In my experience, the healing energy comes through me and to the one that needs it - in this way, I do feel intuitively where the resistance is in the other, but I don't bring it inside me. By allowing to be the conduit, I get to feel the energy that flows through me very strongly and it makes me feel very good, while at the same time healing the other. Look at my site, www.youcanhealnow.com and maybe start reading one of my books, thank you for asking!

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Oh fantastic,,, I also had few years of what they used to call hands on healing,,,,

Hi, I'm interested in what u do

I explained a bit more in another reply, as you can see. I'm still new to this app so I'm not always navigating right, sorry... I've written a book about what I do and how I do it and it's on Amazon, it'll be available for free in a couple of weeks if you're interested or it can be bought now...

I'd be happy to share more if your like to hear, let me know, the book is 'The Handbook of the Magician'

There are a couple of 'steps' I usually take... The first one is to go into stillness, or meditation, which allows me to feel myself, and feel the person that I'm helping. In this state, I can feel the 'resistance', or pain, in the other person. Then, I start to slowly 'take the pain away'...

I've been helping with people with all different kind of physical and emotional 'diseases', from diabetes to cancer, from needing a transplant (liver, kidneys), to depressions and failing relationships...