I'm An Enfp!

Alright so I took the test (SO many times) and I got a ENFP with a 1% E, 25% N, 50% F, and 50% P? Yes? I think so. I'm a weak E but I don't care. I'm happy. lol

In any case, I came on Experience project initially to get a few of my questions answered and maybe even to make a few confessions to see if I'm all alone and turns out I'm not. And then I was GOING to sign off but found that there were other ENFPs on this site too and I was like, "Hey, what a coincidence! More ENFPs for my to interact with! Give me something to do." Also, it helps me to broaden my search a bit.

I think I had one ENFP friend back in middle school (I'm in college now) and that was it. I had on INFP friend and ALL my other friends have been SPs with maybe 2 or 3 SJs. I have NEVER met anyone like me. In fact, not even in the ENFP forums I've joined have I met people even remotely close but I guess part of that has to do with that whole Nature vs. Nurture topic that Psychologists are still arguing over? I think it's both! We're similar in Nature but our environments are very different. But who cares now? I'm glad to be here! I can't wait to get back to reading the experiences posted on here. :)
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

I am an enfp. It was relief to know that some aspects of myself were not necessarily character defects but personality traits. I get joy out of the smallest things, I am forever daydreaming, I am always on some kick/hobby or another. I connect on a soul level and have difficulty relating on the surface for very long. I am enthusiast by nature and am teased constantly for it.

what is ENFP and INFP?