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I try not to stress the small things in life. I know all too well the havoc that can cause. My intuition/spirituality is so much stronger lately. I've had communication from loved ones who have passed away in recent years. I'm a go with the flow type of person. And upset people drain my energy so I try to avoid them as much as possible. Would explain why I'm avoiding a certain relative lately. Not that I don't love them. I know they think I can be negligent(which I'm not) I just have this tendency to be laid back about things. I don't sweat little things if it's not a life or death situation. It's just not my nature to do that. And recently finding out that I'm an empath would explain why I can tune out my Family's energies(since they are the ones who can effect us the most). This is a blessing. People may think I'm cold(I think) but I"m not. I'm so emotional at times that I have to hide myself somewhere to cry. I hate feeling so connected to someone(like my boyfriend) And knowing he feels the same way. But then to not have him taking MORE action is so frustrating. But, I sit back, let him do his thing and wait. Why rush a good thing right?

I gave up finishing college(for now) to take care of my Grandmother full time. She's about to be 93. And I"m not saying I'm a hero in any sense but she wouldn't be alive right now if it wasn't for me.

I am blessed to have a child. She is about to be 8. And when she was around 3 they diagnosed her with PDD-pervasive developmental disorder(a mild high functioning form of autism)
Her hugs and kisses are what get me through each day. I've never felt a pure love like I do when she's giving me one of her hugs and kisses! :)
She is my reason for living!
She got early intervention pretty early on and can communicate her hearts delight. She's independent as well. If she wants something she gets it. Forget asking mommy for it lol. But I have to keep telling her that she needs to learn to ask first! I love her!
Also when it comes to past grievances. I have learned and taught myself to forgive because if you hold on to grudges it can induce so much stress not to mention anxiety.

I do enjoy Family gatherings. Knowing that every one is at peace. And seeing the laughter that comes from reminiscing makes me happier than a Kid at the playground. However, if I'm around people that I don't know, I may seem a bit shy and introverted.

The one THING that I truly hate about myself is that I'm such a dam procrastinator. Not good when it comes to deadlines and appointments. This is where being too laid back can have negative repercussions. So from this day on I want to make a promise to myself to push myself to do things not just in time, but for the sake of showing that I do care!


based on your answers, your personality type is most likely:

Your first preference is toward extroversion(I use to be more of an introvert), which means that you get your energy from interacting with other people. Other people are often energized by your presence as well, and you're usually seen as a 'people person'. You likely have a knack for persuading others.

Your second preference is for intuition. Intuitives are interested in the more abstract side of life, concentrating less on specific details and more about meaning and patterns. Intuitives are naturally oriented toward concepts and can often make connections between complex sets of facts.

Your third preference is for feeling. Feeling, in this sense, has little to do with emotion. Feelers look for the subjective qualities in a situation that give it meaning and importance. Feelers are often less concerned with precise facts and more about what's right and wrong.

Your fourth preference is for perceiving. Perceivers are flexible and spontaneous, working in spurts of energy instead of pursuing strict deadlines. You often wait to make decisions in order to take in new information.

Your Preferences:
Introversion (I): |||||||||||| 46.88%
Extroversion (E): ||||||||||||| 53.13%

Intuition (N): |||||||||||||||| 64.52%
Sensation (S): ||||||||| 35.48%

Thinking (T): |||| 15.38%
Feeling (F): ||||||||||||||||||||| 84.62%

Judging (J): |||||| 25%
Perceiving (P): ||||||||||||||||||| 75%
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36-40, F
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I am enforced ENFP same
Look at my avatar
Is similar colour and spiritual same mine is from astral projection

I hate it though because I'm so emotional and think with my heart instead of my head!

You will get better
Where is your picture from ?

From google I think. I'm up and down and all over the place. My moods change. I'm an empath amongst other things. Sighs. And I'm on a break from the boyfriend now(my choice not his, he wanted to just end it) I called him on b.s. Cause I kno he loves me. ugh

You are fun
You get power from people's smiles
Your intuition needs practicing more the voice in your head is not you

Where are you on your spiritual journey ?

Developing my gifts, learning to love myself more because I tend to care for and nurture others b4 myself. And keeping my thoughts in love for others Even the ones who have hurt me. Because what you give you sure do get back. Reiki/Spirits/healing

Everyone starts there journey asking who am I the end is I am
There are that many paths to climb a mountain but they all reach the same peek
Search on google the teachings Ramon Maharishi who am I
Also google the 2 most powerful words you can say I am then watch the YouTube video
Look into manifestation and the law of attraction with this there is 3 steps
1 see one crystal clear picture in your head like already moved into a big house with your loved ones and having a party
2 then feel it
3 then say thank you
Have fun
Also make a dream board

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Bull5hit about the not sweating the small things part. Men....drive me to wanna drink LOL