So I've been told I'm doing the work of two engineers. My last project was a huge success and is selling way above forecast. Everyone is happy with my work. My boss tried to give me the highest rating at my last review but was cut down a spot to make the quotas set by the company. Yesterday my group had special meeting and announced promotions for three people in my group. Two of the people had my project listed five times between them as reasons for their promotion. Now how can people that supported my work get a promotion and not me? Was it a coincidence that their boss was hand picked by by our director and his people got raises and not me? I freaking hate office politics.
SuperEarl SuperEarl 46-50, M 3 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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Office or Company politics often suck. It is very like that those others might know someone in the company. Remember, sad to say, that it is not what you know, but who you know that will get you advanced.......

You always have to keep a piece or two of the puzzle in your control. Documentation in my department is always full of intentional omissions by the one publishing them. We just had a key person leave and every day I'm discovering little "gotchas". CYA!

my documentation group just made a type-o that caused me three days of pain. They mess up and I'm the one doing the Quality report and fixing the problem.

OUCH, how unfair. One of things I've learned in engineering is that nothing makes sense; I was promised a raise last month along with salary pay and that has yet to happen. I am also supposed to be paid for some work I did for an independent contractor (doubt that'll happen either).

I feel you on the riaise. I talked to my boss because I'm due and he say's "oh we are not doing it every 12 months now". I'm really lacking the incentive to bust my hump right now.