On The Value Of Exclamation Marks, Judiciously Placed

Very well done M....very well done!

I hope you are sleeping well and your day will be a good one.....

Busy morning for Me and then a travel day for the afternoon.....1st class to DEN!
Will catch up as I can....
~ Note to Milky, 16 January 2013

He doesn't write much, especially compared to some men.  In his letters to me, I mean.  He writes plenty during chat, hanging out with me for hours at a time.  But even then, he is fairly succinct.  He'll rarely share long stories, merely noting that he will tell me about such and such when we are together in person.

In person.

It won't be long now, just a fortnight, and I am tremendously excited.  I can't wait to see him, to touch him, to taste him.  And to hear him.  Both as he roars while he **** in response to my touching and tasting, as well as when he's just talking about stuff.

He told me this one story on the phone the other day about something that happened when he flew, and it cracked me up.  But I'm not allowed to tell you about it, because he told his family and friends about it and he's afraid that if my books are a success, his wife will read them and she'll recognize it's him I'm writing about.  Personally, I think she'd realize there are undoubtedly others who've had the same thing happen to them, so she'd simply dismiss it as a funny coincidence, but I'm not going to argue with him.  I whined a tiny bit, and pleaded a little, but then I let it drop.  I don't want him to ever feel he has to hold back with me.

Lord knows I quote him verbatim plenty enough, though I changed his words a bit above, altering the airport code in the quoted passage from the one he sent to me, in order that he couldn't be identified.  I feel protective toward him.  The rest of the note remains intact, though.  All 42 words of it.  I shall refrain from making any Douglas Adams references, although it must be said that J brings meaning to my life.

Normally, I am not a big fan of exclamation marks.  The words should be forceful enough to convey the sense of the writer's vehemence.  But J uses them to great advantage to provide more understanding of his feelings on certain matters.  Take that 42 word opus, for example.  Two exclamation marks.  One after his response to a piece I'd written and sent to him.  His praise - Very well done - gets that added boost with the "!" at the end.  I feel so happy as I read that, as much as if Publishers Weekly gave it a positive review. 

The other is after he'd mentioned that he was flying first class.  It was endearing to know that he was enthused about being seated in that section, that he didn't take it for granted.  God save me from the men and women who are blase about such treats.  And save me too from those who, even if they are excited, are afraid to show it for fear of looking less than cool.  **** cool.  I like the man who shows his emotions, who celebrates the extra room and white linens with a carefully placed "!" ~ that is the man I want in my bed.

Or perhaps I should say the man with whom I wish to share a bed.  I've been taken to task for using that term, "my bed," when writing to J.  Again, a few exclamation marks went a long way in letting me know his playfulness in rebuking me.

I'd engaged in a virtual pegging session with him the night before when we'd chatted, and I referenced it in a note about our upcoming in person rendezvous:

Please don't expect to sleep through the night with me, J.  I'm going to be far too excited to have you in my bed, and I won't be able to refrain from molesting you at least once during an eight hour stretch. 

I know you want to wait a bit before I **** you, so you can first well establish yourself as top dog.  Like you haven't already set that up quite firmly in my mind.  All I know is this ***** sure had a great time mounting you last night.  All hail the manufacturers of ******* harnesses! 

I cannot wait to feel your body against mine, regardless of who is penetrating whom.


Now that I read my note again, I realize that I used an exclamation mark too.  I wanted to bring extra emphasis to the joke, to let him know I was thrilled to engage in that sort of play with him.  His rejoinder came a couple of hours later, and left me with a very warm glow.

I will be well rested for our time together my dear......I assure you!

And it is "your" bed now!

I always say it is My bed Madam Switch......

Such a cocky lil ***** she is......all this talk of mounting me.......will be a fun trip I am sure.
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the books.....

still waiting

I need discipline, obviously. But there are always new adventures to be had. Too many men, not enough hours in the day.

suggestion: find that cabin with no internet access, download three months worth of **** and stock up on lube and toys.
then - let the words flow.

Dude, the only thing that'd flow is juice from my *****. :-)