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I'm 15 years old and I have taken many personality tests and have come to the conclusion that this is mine.. Well I'm not positive, I was wondering if I could get some insight on whether I am or not. The fact that I'm writing this probably says a bit about my personality. I would consider myself to be quite naturally bright although I often lack motivation for school work. I like to analyze situations and read people which I've discovered I have quite a nack for, I can judge social atmospheres well although I'm certain sometimes I come across and dumb or floaty because I sometimes act that way instinctively when really I know I'm quite intelligent I guess I don't like wasting my efforts on everyday things which I guess means I lack common sense or judgement on occasion. I'm interested in history philosophy psychology metaphysics that kind of thing.. I can be shy at first but once you get to know me I'm quite outgoing I'm very interested in theories and ideas although lack some of the traits that is said for ENTP personalities, I have a tendency to be kind of organized but I don't mind a messy room too often. I can be spontaneous and go with the flow although I'm usually the one who ends up planning everything mostly because I think I would do the best job :p it says ENTP are the most unlikely to believe in a god but I'm Christian. It also says I'm not meant to like controlling people, but I guess I just naturally take on that role in my group of friends. I have strong opinions about things and am
Interested in current events and general knowledge also I have a strange love for politics which I guess is rare for someone my age :) Im a person who says they're going to plan there time and then ends up doing all assignments the night before deadline.. I often rely on my natural ability to grasp ideas to get me through although I know if I put the effort in I could do whatever I put my mind to :) so there we go I'm sorry if this is stuffed up I'm writing on my iPod and the text box is really small so I can't really proof read. Thanks for the help Im really keen and interested about these things! (I'm a girl by the way)
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16 year old male senior here. You sound almost just like me, except I am unorganized and never plan anything. You are almost certainly an entp. I myself am a 100% n and 100% t but tent to morph between I and e. Oh and the whole most likely to not believe in god thing is stupid. People think it means you are afraid of the unknown or a traditionalist or something but I believe in a god of some kind and I am the most nt you can get. I am also a libertarian, as I see no other way. J would like to say a lot here but I am just rambling and I have school tomorrow, which shouldn't matter because I hate school and the way it is structured. Anyways, the main idea is you are an entp with some structure in your life, which is totally fine.

What he said. In the end, your beliefs in religion are up to you because it's your life, I just personally don't have any doubts in the existence of God. But that's probably due to the fact that I've seen things in real, waking life that have rudely shattered my feeble concepts of the reality modern society try's to force upon people. Your best bet is to see for yourself.

You sound too much like me to not be ENTP though. Take Care.

Whoa. I just feel like I read myself all over again.. I am also an entp and am around your age group. I have always been considered a bright girl. I'm also interested in politics. I am shy at first but am very outgoing after time.. I'm also Christian although, I do have my doubts from time to time.. I would agree that I don't like controlling others but I somehow end up making the decisions in my friends group. Everything that you have stated above is relevant to me.