Friends Or Foe?

I'm an entp as are you guys. About a week ago, my friends and I had dinner to celebrate one of my friends birthday(Cella). I was very happy to attend and was accompanied by two mutual friends (friends of Cella and I). I was unaware that Cella's sister and one of my friends whom I attended with did not get along.Cella's sister left due to my friend being there. I immediately felt a weird vibe and couldn't wait to leave. Being an entp sometimes comes with trouble? right. we tend to speak before we think. During dinner one of my friends (Jannet) told me that she and her boyfriend decided to take a break. I couldn't help but be happy for her since the guy (marcus) is a complete jerk. I told her how one of Marcus's friends girlfriends had told my friend (jasmine) that Marcus had been sleeping with other girls. Boy, was telling her a big mistake. During dinner she became totally upset I sensed it. The other girls also seemed upset because I had told her. Am I wrong to have told her? tell me your opinion. I feel like an *******..
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Yeah man probably not the best thing to say. But I would have probably done something similar.