Richard Feynmen Is My Hero.

im ENTP; i hate authority, love being social in public, like coming up with my own new ideas rather then trying other peoples, love to be a charmer, my main interest of the arts is philosophy and jumping around like a acrobat! (kind of a physical tweak of anxiety that i must move, jump, do handstands, cart wheels, flips, etc.).
my favorite band is interpol.
favorite movie; blue valentine, the fountain, fightclub.
favorite food; was watermelon when little, now i dont really know :P

i stay in long term relationships. am very submissive to the girl, but can play manly and charming persona.
i have pacifist moral outlook; am vegitarian. love animals. hate fighting people, wanna love everyone. but my instincts of manly rage and putting on image of toughness proceed me sometimes :-/

im 20, never had a job. no father or mother bloodrelated figure growing up (clung to movies and book figures of fiction ussually, giving me a false foundation for reality). my moms schizopheic (mentally ill), and my dads a hardcore punk rocker.
i live with my nana in our rich dead great-grandmothers beach front house.
my name and my brothers are very odd and completly different then normal names, although were casuel irish american decent :p

well, thats me in'a nutshell :P hahahaha, umm just wanted to state for refenece as i think these personality tests can really help

(*note; father of personality tests, carl jung, has deep symbolic duality with my philsophy though i never knew of him before hand. thats why i know of this test. my girlfriend introduced me to mbpt)

devilvert devilvert
Jan 7, 2013