I opened a taco stand a week ago,,, and results so far arent as i expected.... The food is great but how do I get customers??? I have spent every last penny to open and im not able to afford advertising.... I know that once people taste the food they will return but its getting them there to taste....>>>>>> Please helpppp
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A taco stand is great idea. You should sit down and write up for yourself a marketing plan or list of ideas. Also, if you need make some extra cash or earn money online you can go here: http://greentechnologymlm.weebly.com/make-extra-cash-anywhere.html

Tell us how it's going 3 months in!<br />
<br />
I started a group here on EP called The Small Business Experience.<br />
I hope you can join us!

If you opened one here in the NYC LI area or did it out of a truck you would be rich, if your stand was here I would be so there! I have used my local Craigslist to get the word out, its free and why not? Put it in community and services offered as well as pictures and directions, I bet it will help; it worked for me in getting the word out about my profession

thank you soooo much!! I am actually in the houston area,,, and the customers that have eaten have said that the meat is incredible,, tacos quesadillas, tortas,,, I just opened but I guess I am just afraid of myself,,, I painted my trailer red and named it Guera K-Boom I wanted to be different from the typical offwhite dirty trailer/ taco stand.. I am parked at a car wash in a high traffic area.. do you think having a grand opening with some special offers for one day will help?? or giving away free samples of the meat??

Free samples are good, I mean some will take advantage of it but if your food is as good as you say, they will be having dreams of your food. Remember, men have dreams about food; we don't think like women lol I hope you have a couple of cheap plastic chairs and maybe a little table that you can put out as its good to have a place to eat; but try the CraigsList, its free and you have nothing to loose; I made thousands with it

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