The Wounded Entrepreneur: Life In A basement Full Of Dreams

I have been infected with a progressive, chronic 'illness' called: Entrepreneurism.

I believe if you are a true entrepreneur, you will understand what I mean by the "wounded entrepreneur" I have tried tried tried....still trying...and getting better at it...But, literally, my basement is full of dreams...drawings of dreams/ideas...inventory of past ventures...filing cabinets upon filing cabinets (and 3 children....all 13 years old)

I have invented games (got them to market...but, then I ran out of money and quite honestly, I wasnt that good at playing the 'game industry' game.

I have tried (still am) to build the World's Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle (The Big Puzzle)- did this when I was pregnant..and bored (?????)...but I have collected over 35 000 puzzle pieces from all over the world since 1999. These are all neatly piled in containers in my basement.

Now, I am in a precarious situation...both my husband and I quit our secure government jobs to pursue our mutual dream of designing and building Super energy-efficient homes...and homes for disaster relief "house in a box" idea.... (not sure if I should put website on...but: ) - sorry if I have 'broke the terms and rules' (I tend to do that). Our family went from a 6-figure income to welfare in a few months....but we are still trying= apparently perseverance pays off.

We have joined with our Aboriginal peoples to own, design, train and construct their own affordable, energy efficient homes by themselves...for themselves. This has proven to be a challenging venture...but as a chronic entrepreneur...."We Shall NEVER Surrender"

So, I join this 'group' in hopes of finding other entrepreneurs...those who are successful and those still struggling...for support...for guidance and a shoulder to cry on....and a place to share success.

And, all the while, I am writing a book documenting my life as an entrepreneur.

"The Wounded Entrepreneur"

And, as I described, my basement IS full of dreams!

I am sure you all can relate. I look forward- with anticipation- to meeting others of like-minded/focused entrepreneurs.

My greatest goal will be achieving success so I can be what I have ALWAYS wanted to be:
A Philanthropist ... But, right now, at this point in my life...the world, the economy, etc..., I am merely Philanthropissed! I want to do something good for this world. Nope. I want to do something GREAT for this world. (not to sound arrogant) but there has to be a reason why I have always strived to have the right tools to help people...which, sadly, is a lot of money...however, hope is all I/we have and I hope to connect with this group...

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Forgive me if i read you wrong, it sounds like your in pain, and struggling.

I'm not a 'success' by any means but if i compare where i was with where i am now, there is no doubt i have been successful.

-- Why are you struggling?
-- Have you attempted to use sites like kickstarter to register interest and funding?
-- have you mastered niche marketing or are you doing wishful marketing?
-- are you waiting for somebody else to 'put you on' or are you getting your own product / service out there with your own marketing/copy writing ?

Added to that,

just a point on failure: there is no such thing. there are lessons you have not learned yet, and as soon as you learn them quick enough you can advance ahead and get what you want.

Thanks for your reply.... In answer/response to your question/comments....
--I am not in pain....I am 'trying' to enjoy the journey...that is the struggle...The struggle is 'enjoying' and remaining positive...ALWAYS reminding myself that the glass is half full...not half empty I believe in the power of positive thinking....and struggle to remain positive in the midst of so many unknowns...I am presently developing a Kickstarter for a project I am working on now (It is a successful platform in Germany and am seeking crowdsource funding to 'launch' in N America (this is popular in Germany and much potential in N America.)

As for my other ventures...The Big Puzzle (I have put this on 'hold')...But our SuperSHELL Homes is my biggest goal...and with Holmes on Homes featuring our building products on 2 episodes...We need to make money in order to be able to hire people to do administrative I can concentrate on marketing and stakeholder/management. We are in the process of redoing our website to make it more professional. No I have not mastered niche marketing...wishful marketing is a good description up to this point.

Not sure what you mean by someone else to 'put you on'.... At present we are being showcased/featured on Holmes on Homes which will generate international attention and ensuring we have capacity to meet demands (developing relationships with Truss companies to carry our products as a value-add wood product- this is being well-received. So, all marketing has been a result of our own work/network development...blood swears sweat and tears and staying on the "half full" thinking mode!

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An update: The Wounded Entrepreneur....

As a sparkle of hope, we learned our Intellectual Property, The SuperSTUD (a thermally broken building stud that allows for affordable deep wall cavity insulation= R40-R66 (batt insulation) in walls) will be featured on two upcoming Holmes on Homes episodes. These episodes will each reach 25 Million People in 13 countries. Great, free publicity! Perhaps there is hope in PERSEVERANCE!

A very interesting story, but actually why wouldn't you be growing faster, and why you went from a 6-figure income to welfare in a few months?
I would like to discuss that with you.

Thanks for your reply...Both my husband and I had modest government jobs with excellent, security...blah blah blah...but our 'hobby' of building better homes/solution housing was cause of our 'leap of faith' ... How we went from 6 figure salary to welfare in a few months? Since both of us were more than 34% shareholders in this corporation, even though I paid Employment Insurance (EI-Canada), we were not be entitled to EI. Therefore, our company went insolvent, no income...3 children... what choice did we have?

I didn't know that the Canadian system is so limiting. Maybe you should have played with offshore company, that way you may have legally bypassed the Canadian system.

Was that a sufficient reply? If you wish to discuss- feel free to connect with me... not sure if I am allowed to provide email, but

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I know EXACTLY how you feel! I'm currently on the same path. I don't have a basement so therefore it's not filled with ideas, but I have tons of plans for inventions, internet businesses and brick&mortar businesses...I'm addicted to a life of freedom outside of your regular 9-5 and entrepreneurship is the way to go!