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OK! OK! OK! I'm an E.P. Addict. Are you happy now, damn it?

WHEW!!!!! That actually felt good.

When is the next meeting?
pentupfreedom pentupfreedom 46-50, M 6 Responses Mar 24, 2012

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Well, I just want to hang with you guys, because I don't have a life......but please don't think I am addicted.(takes phone off the hook) I really have such a fulfilling life....( checks profile lights while still writing this.) but I am a good listener.( purchases diapers so as not to miss a beat) nowminhave a question....just a little something that crossed my mind, but doesn't have anything to do with EP, or your addictions , is it REALLY necessary to bathe everyday? Cause it, want I am trying to say skin is dry......

You could have someone over to give you a sponge bath and never have to sign off, unless....

What a great idea....and a real timesaver to boot!

If I come,I will assuredly bring coffee(COFFEEEEEE!!!!!!!.And i like trying new things-but have you really thought this through? Most addiction groups exist to free one from their particular poison of choice-in this case EP,Maybe we can break new ground and state,Although we are powerless over EP,we meet to embrace our weakness and foster our dependence.(Not that theres any need for that.I'm in with coffee,but just hope we don't end up meeting in some dank religous groups ba<x>sement!................peace

We'll meet in the comfort of our own homes

Soooo, how do we break an EP addiction when we are trying to de-ep with Epeeps?

You never break an addiction. You only learn to keep it at bay.

So then what fun is an addiction if you can't get rid of it when tired of it?????

Well, I don't drink coffee. Iced coffee in the summer. I could join a group. You are curious, indeed. But you like it that way, I imagine......

Curious, indeed

Sign me up too!!!!!!

Now, we are three. Do you have a coffee pot?

I don't know. I may need to attend...

We can always start our own group. Can you bring a coffee pot?

Got it right here...always need to have coffee...