What does it mean to be an EP lifeline friend? It means that people can depend on you in a crisis, it means you are attune to a friend or stranger who may be going through a crisis and not want to reveal it. If you have ever told someone to call you at anytime if they need help or just someone to listen then chances are you are already a Lifeline friend just not maybe an EP one in particular yet. So empathically sensitive am I to people in crisis or wrestling with a difficult issue that I find it all but impossible not to extend my hand and say that I am always here for them. I am blessed to have a collection of Lifeline friends who do the same for me. When I talk about supporting someone, that means I am here for you through whatever. If someone dies, ends up in prison or you suffer a rape or miscarriage - I am here for you. If it's 2 am and you feel like all your typical friends would be asleep, you can call me because I will wake up and talk you through it all. I am always on duty and I never leave my watch.

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I am so sorry LauralsLovely! You are in my prayers.<br />
And MosaicMan when you return the favor many times over it is easy to be there for you. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words of encouragement.