March 19 2008

Ah... I don't know why I join. I was just searching for survey to do. I found E.P. I thought cool. I will try it. Here I'm almost  3 years later.

Now is 3 years and 6 month later.. Wow... I wonder how long will I be on E.P. since I never have loyalty for Social networking sites. Well... E.P. is not about just about socializing but also about sharing experience. I guess. I'm  still hooked.

mother1983 mother1983
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I remember you were around and I was kind of curious to know you I'm always curious for old timers like me =p

Thanks Welsh<br />
Me too Roxy

I haven't known you long Mother but I'm glad I met you and I'm glad you are my friend. :-)

Congratulations SM2010!!! :-) I can actually remember you as, "Mother2009" :-) it took us a time to become great friends didn't it?? lollollol I'm glad we are now though! :-) Thank you for sharing SM2010!! :-)

Yeah. Too damn long.. I'm still here..

LOL yes, you have been around here a long time.

Oh my. It's you. I got it now..

Who was your first friend mother? LOL ((fungirl giggles because she remembers when Mother came to EP and I welcomed her. I also remember the first whiteboard from Tres. AND I remember Tas too... I read her story about her compassion for animals and I just had to add her.))

Ah.... Maybe that friend can be find on Face book. Do you have a Face book account? If you do. You can get in touch with that friend of yours. <br />
<br />
I used to have a Face book account but I deactivated it because I don't feel safe there. I can still get in with my old password and email address.

Yes, you welcomed me I remember it well .. and we had other friends that sadly have left

No Tres: My user name that I picked was Mother2045 than I changed it to Mother2009. Now I'm SuperMother2010 because I like this name.