Orginally Joined In 2007....

I orginally 2007. I really hated who I was back than, and was a total basket case. Now four years later, I have changed so much, and I honestly believe for the better *most the times* I am glad I stuck around, and even more, glad I decided to give Ep another shot, because I've met some of the most amazing people ever. Ep has had it ups and it downs, but for the most part, it has been a great site (: I am glad that I am still here. I remember Snowbunny was my very 1st friend (:
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2011

Ahhh, snowbunny! <br />
I remember going around the confessions and other areas and getting "personas" of certain names, lol. Then when I actually started joining groups and stuff...hitting the hard reality that different people have different opinions, and sometimes those are strong opinions, and then *bump* goes that persona off that pedestal.<br />
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ramble ramble good ole' times....ramble streams went uphill! both ways in the snow...ramble ramble....

I think we have all grown while playing on EP. It is a fun place to be most days... yes there has been the drama but I think the good outweighs the bad most of the time.