Experience Project: Dos And Don'ts

DISCLAIMER: I am not a staff of Experience Project, or owner or any kind of authority. I am a regular member who made this list to share the experiences I have had here to try and help other members.

I love the Top Ten List so I'm doing this Top Ten style. Here's my Top Ten Dos and Don'ts on EP for those of you who are new to EP or have been here a while and still feel a little lost.

1. Do look at people profiles and at least browse their experiences. Only on EP can you find friends based on how similar your ideas and thoughts are, don't skip this step. Of course I have added people who are entirely different from me but that's the fun. You get to find out what kind of person someone is here.

2. Do add an avatar and choose at least 5 experiences to start with. Bad events on EP have led most members to be wary of trolls and having no avatar or experiences is likely to put you into that dreaded category. Also a good thing to do the introductory interview EP suggests when you first sign up.

3. Do take your own sweet time trusting people. We are good people here but being betrayed or stabbed in the back by one player here is one time too many. If your new friend is offended you're not trusting him or her after a week of intense private messaging, beware.

4. Do create your own experience(s). It's one of the beauty of this place. You can share anything you want to share and find people who has gone through the same thing as you did. (Well, anything as long as it is still in line with the Terms of Service of course.)

5. Do have fun. Watch for goofs and silly people *points at self* and joke around - there are many of us here, if you're into that kind of things. There are also people who like to talk abut books, films, music - you're bound to have amazing conversations and discussions here.

6. Don't discuss politics or religions, if you know what's good for you, lol. Just my two cents. If you still would like to, at least give it some time until you're able to identify those who can discuss such things civilly. (Here I am going to point at my good friend, Dewduster, a pagan who embraces me, a Christian, without prejudice.)

7. Don't engage with trolls. That stranger who makes you feel like you have to defend yourself, your ideas or your choices in life?

It's a stranger, on the Internet, who is unlikely to have met you or ever will.

You may feel indignant and want to prove that what you did or about to do is right but for what's it worth, I'm going to advise you not to. It's a troll anyway, someone you don't even know. Just because he or she can object to you/your views in writing doesn't mean he or she is right.

8. Don't be afraid to block, flag or report. You may come across people who will harass you, repeatedly 'get in your face' so to speak - you can ignore them or simply block. That way, the person won't be able to contact you, comment on your story, answer your questions... you get the idea.

You may also come across experiences, stories, confessions or questions which are not appropriate or in line with TOS; these you can flag and help bring such things to EP admin. It may take time for them to review and take action, but hey, you've done your part.

Report people who you think are promoting indecent and/or dangerous behavior - there's a link to do so on the top banner of a person's profile.

9. Don't fall in love here. Bad, bad idea. LOL. Again, it's just my two cents. Plenty of romance here but so far, I've only seen one couple (that's right, ONE) couple who made it. Meeting offline, courtship and marriage. If I'm not mistaken they're now into their third year of marriage :)

Still, a word of caution, the larger percentage of EP romance falls on the crash and burn category, so at least you know what's you're getting into.

10. Don't be discourage by some of my cautions here. After all, I am another stanger on the Internet. At the end of the day, you should use your own common sense to navigate around the site and its members :) Again, have fun!

Also, don't hesitate to message me, if you have questions about using EP (where to create new experience, how to add avatar, where to find people just like you, etc).
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Very well written. I would like to know how to do an avatar and is there a way to mark someone as your favorites? Thank you for sharing.

Very nice list thank you for taking the time to post this.

Hi 4vr, the term is not exclusive to EP though. But you got it right indeed: liars, pesky liars.<br />
<br />
And thanks for the prop. I'm off now to tame my blushes :D

Ohhhhh, is THAT what is a Troll. I was wondering what that term meant. Oh yeah, I've known people like that. Liars. That's just the EP term. I see.<br />
<br />
This is a great story. If I had known about it before, I would have added it (the link that is) to the end of my mass mailing message. It is VERY INFORMATIVE. You explained HOW to SUCCESSFULLY interact on this site! <br />
<br />
This is definitely a favorite I'll add to my Library. Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!

Cheers, people.<br />
<br />
I have my doubts that new members can actually find this story, LOL, but for those who did, I hope they find it helpful the way Coffee did :)

I like his avatar

Good sound advice June. You've always been a welcoming person herson here on EP. <br />
Thank You<br />

By big deal, i mean everyone's anonymous.<br />
<br />
Okay, people are annoyed with the people without avatars because:<br />
*They all look the same<br />
*Many people create fake profiles or trolls just to pretend to be anyone else to tease others. These people don't usually spend too much time in choosing avatars(its not the rule though. There can be trolls with avatars too) <br />
<br />
People are vary of trolls. That's why they think blue people(users without avatars) are suspicious.

I wonder why people think anonymity is such a big deal.<br />
<br />
I mean, you're anonymous to anyone who does not know your name in real life too. That could be your neighbor, classmate, anyone. <br />
<br />
But we do behave in public don't we? Because there may be fake names and avatars but people behind them are real.<br />
<br />
Not disclosing your name and other information promotes bringing to public a part of YOU. Being you matters everywhere in life. <br />
And being the real you is not about telling people names and addresses etc. Being you is being a person with unique likes and dislikes and the experiences groups here give an idea about them. People learn about you from them.<br />
<br />
Safety matters more however. And that means yours and everyone else's.<br />
<br />
Avatars give you uniqueness and give people an idea of your likes and dislikes and personality. <br />
<br />
And i think they're very useful that way.

That's just my personal opinion, the best way to connect - in my experience.<br />
<br />
Of course if Q & A is your thing, then you should go for it. I've known a few great people simply by reading their answers and answering their questions if any.<br />
<br />
What person does not want to actualize themselves, letting others know them for who they really are and hopefully connect with like minded people? It is the <b><i>social</b></i> part of social networking, after all.<br />
<br />
The difference with this site is you can really be who you are without anyone knowing your real name, address or other personal identifying information. And <b><i>that</i></b> is the anonymous part of this site.

Naw! it's great, has my vote

Aww.. Thanks Lordie.<br />
<br />
Actually I wrote it while having one of the many Oh, Snap episodes I seem to be having a lot lately. I hope it wasn't too harsh or anything.

Such a great list, I wish everyone would rate it so newborns could see it

Cheers S, just hope it was not too long. Now that I see it, I wish we still had that old stories layout - much more accommodating to long winded people like me.<br />
<br />

I agree with you entirely... thank you MISS J.


Bad, bad idea as I said, Mr Bee.<br />
<br />
I am sorry but with hordes of other who have said the same thing, I can only say one has got to take a number, lol.

Miss June<br />
<br />
I have fallen crazilly, wildly, head-over-heels in love with YOU.<br />
<br />
How do I process this further.<br />
<br />
heeehheeeeeeeheee<br />
<br />
love you, princess<br />