My Personel Greeting

as an ep volunteer i like to take the time to create my own messages unless im in a hurry. here i will be posting some of them here is the one i use a lot:


i just wanted to give you a warm welcome to ep! i hope you enjoy this site. if you don't know already, in this site you can join groups and share your experiences completely anomalously , make friends that have similar experiences and understand you, and the best part is for me is that there are groups for almost everything! Did you climb a mountain? there's a group for that. do you suffer from depression? there's a group for that. are you a brony? there's a group for that. (sorry about sounding like an iPhone ad.) if you feel overwhelmed, i understand, i felt the same way when i joined ep. but it is a great place to share your thoughts. if you jave any questions, ask EPSupport or EPArsineh.

you can freely use this without credit to me :)
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

I am an Ep volunteer too.
Maybe I should think of writing a more personalized message like you.
Your welcome letter inspires me :)