Virtually Committed

Some EP men have sanctioned me as their EPwife

an unexpected turn of events to a new way of life.

 I logged in one day and learned that I thee was to become wedded

A day I  thought I would have dreaded

Now suddenly dancing in my head, my mom's favorite expression 
"In life expect the unexpected"

They say "Mother is always right...."
Now I'm getting married, and  we hadn't even gone steady yet or plan our honeymoon night.
Better go with the flow and get that veil and dress in white.

Mom's saying proved true, now I need something borrowed and something blue

Never been married before, been single all my life

Funny, how a lady like me could become to many... an EP wife

I've always been a loner but somehow never became bored

A life I've become accustomed to; living solo not looking for anything more.

Thought marriage would somehow confine me

as being single seemed so free

My friends baffled and even argued if a man long term was even right for me.

On occasion I would ponder the question myself, what it might be like

to go home to someone each and every night.

Now upon me,  in a place called EP, the universe has created the marriage opportunity

I get to practice being an EP wife

without having to do his laundry this could be rather nice

If I could cook a virtual dinner

and have my EP husband for dessert

how could giving this marriage a try,

possibly hurt?

I'll be the best virtual wife any EP man has ever had

some may scoff,  this virtual wife is just an internet  fad

but it gives me the practice to a life I never had.

I will support my husband in his dreams

share in his laughter

and he cannot claim it is his money I am after

I am just a wife to an EP man

giving the very best of me

as best as I virtually can.

DreamWizard DreamWizard
51-55, F
4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Lovely poem, nice expression of joy and hope.
I have to ask, being a man, what does the EP husband do for you, the EP wife?

Thank you.

Well, the poem was written a few years ago. I had left EP for a long time and just recently came back. I'm still in touch with one of my husbands, he actually sent me a gift recently. It's all clean, just emotional support.

i like warped humor.

I know I'm a bit unique with a warped kind of humor. When I became an EP wife, I thought it funny and worth writing about.. <br />
Thanks for your comment(s)

you really are one of a kind.