I got the weight of the world on me. I have alot of people counting on me to take this horse to his championship next summer. I have 2 lessons this coming week alone and I don't even have to pay for them. It's already taken care of--that's how much is riding on me. It's so hott and so humid outside and I train in an indoor facility which is nice I guess. I have one of those handkerchiefs that you put into the refrigerator and then wear it on your neck because I am going to need it when I ride this horse out. People think it's easy to hop onto a horse and go but it's not. You exert all your muscles and your chest feels tight too. I am ready though to embrace this challenge.
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I use to be into Hunter Jumping and we got some new horses to train and my mother who was helping me kept taking too many safety risks so I stopped. I am going to start back up here in a couple of years aside from my mother.

The horses were a mix of paints, thorobreads, and arabians. I prefer thorobreds myself because they are not as wide as quarter horses. I prefer a slimmer horse.

What do you compete in and what type of horse do you have? <br />
Nothing more special than the bond between a rider and their horse

Wow. That is awesome!