How to Buy Your Own Line of Facial Products

I have recently become a licensed esthetician and am trying to figure out which path to take. Work for someone else or for myself. Having been in school for the past few months my income is not very large. I have been thinking about renting a booth at a salon or spa and in doing this I know that you have to supply your own equipement including your facial products. Not having major funds to buy alot of product I was wondering what the most inexpensive way would be  to get started. My question is how does a single self employed individual  go about getting a facial line of products? For example:Pervonia, Dermalogic etc... Is there a huge start up cost? Does a self employed esthetician not connected through a salon or spa even have access to these products?  If anyone has any information on this please let me know.

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2 Responses Jul 7, 2009

I am a skin care consultant with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. We have successful estheticians in our company become product reps/distributors to sell products to customers. Their clients have great skin with the products and they are making an income from selling them to clients. Please contact me if you want to learn more.

I am sure that you are already well on your way to building your business as your post was back in July. I have been a licensed esthetician for the last three years and have worked in several different places, and while i can't say that going into business for myself is an interest of mine, i can tell you that i have gained the majority of my secrets and practices from longer-licensed esthi's that i have worked with on the way. I feel more enriched with my own style of skincare as a result of picking and choosing from their little techniques and tips. I would not have traded the opportunity to work with them at the beginning of my career for anything. At my first place of employment, i worked at a struggiling spa and was not only responsible for the building of my own clientelle but also for building of business for the whole place. In that, although it was very stressful, i learned how a business should NOT be run in the event that i did choose to go into business for myself. <br />
Also, skincare school is not very long and since you are doing several different types of services throughout, you may have a general idea of what your strengths are; for example, you may give an awesome Brazilian and chemical peel but not be quite as marketable (yet) with a very relaxing therapeutic facial. It's hard to hone in on that until you have honed in on your personal strengths so that you know the general focus of your business (is it a place for rejuvenation, or result-driven treatments? Your choice.)<br />
Things to think about. And yes; you have access to any product line you wish. Even MENTION that you want to carry them and they will be all over it. You got the license baby, so you call the shots!