My plan is one mushy story after another. LOL

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Oh I have always been a loving deviant lol.

Uhmmm, excuse miss, I have a few questions before you TAKE OVER... if you will... lol<br />
<br />
An evil genius... don't they conspire in secrecy most often?<br />
Do you people have a LEAGUE of EVIL EYE TAKE OVER PLOT PEOPLE?<br />
And do you know the POD PEOPLE very well?<br />
Can you get me any discounts on Vacation spots?<br />
If you can't furnish the discounts would you consider taking over an island and giving it to me?<br />
And... do you know other Evil Geniuses like the one in the Dilbert Cartoons?<br />
<br />
Please answer at your MOST WORTHY GENIUS OF EVIL convenience...<br />
X<br />
<br />
<br />
...see, I can be one of the first taken over...<br />