Idk If I Should Say "ex" Druggie. </3 ;,(

even tho the group is called "i am an e druggie, this isnt about me, its about my boyfriend, my daughters dad. hes an ex druggie... or maybe he still is, idk,,, i have a feeling he got high last night, cus hes been acting so different, hes been really really nice, n wen he calls me hes never nice like he was last night n this afternoon. its so sad, that wen hes nice i automatically think hes high. he says he didnt get high but something in me tells me he did, i just know, his drug of choice is meth. i try to stick with him, hoping things will get better but this just taking everything out of me, how can i trust hi, wen hes always talking about getting high, i love him but sometimes i just wanna give up. than i tell myself not too, cus if we break up he will start ww3, by finding a way to take my daughter away, he is a good dad, maybe im just being paranoid but idk im just tired of always doubting him. hes hurt me so much in the past, that i just cant trust him. i have so much pain  in me , it just keeps adding up n adding up. will i ever catch a break!!??? :.......(

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i was right he was high he admitted it today

How about now............2 1/2 years later?

And you ? Slip ?