Damien Auksorius

after studying with other christian organisations i now feel that jehovahs witnesses are the one true faith. other faiths are in the dark .jehovahs organisation provides light.  you wont find this light of truth any where else and trust me ive looked every where.
auksorius auksorius
4 Responses May 18, 2012

Hi my name is damien Auksorius , I'm studying now to become a Jehovah's Witness , the jehovahs witnesses teach that soon god will transform the earth into a beauitiful paradise , just like what Adam and Eve enjoyed in the original garden of Eden , Thank you kindly damien Auksorius

...I do not support the belef of Jehpvas Witness although I was rased by them. At the same time I belive Jehovas Witness is the right path for some who whats to follow it. I am not entiteled to demand which belifsystem people shoud entrust. So I say, if you feel that the Jehovas witness is the right path then follow it, you might find what you are looking for... Yours Sweden

wow just amazed at the comments I don't think no relegion is good if you have to force your children to be a jehovah's witness and you have abuse and messed them up!!!and the only way you will get complete love is if you follow what they follow...relegion should be about choice not if you aren't who i am i can't speak or interact with you.

After being raised by a Jehovah's Witness mother and being denied so much in life (No not the bad things, drugs, alcohol, etc) But true affection and the same opportunities that other people had, I can tell you I am a mixed up person in life. It drove me crazy for a while as I felt the organization was a prison. You may have a great experience, good for you. :) But, beware. Their intentions may not be genuine or may not last.