Searching For "god's Truth" And Not Sinful Man's Current And Ever-changing Version Of It !!!

I've been a dedicated and baptized JW for over (4) decades, and have learned a great deal of what this "Christian Denomination" thinks are Bible Truths, but have come to the conclusion that whoever this Governing Body who reside in Brooklyn New York are, and viewing their 'interpretations' of what they 'think' the Bible says, is NOT in any way consistent with the Bible, on some serious Bible issues! They have constantly changed their dogma, liturgy on so many critical Bible subjects, that I can no longer put faith in what their (3) corporations publish to the world!!

Shortly after my wife was dedicated and baptized, about one year, I arrived home from work and she informed me that something unusual had occurred while she was doing dishes. She said that while washing the dishes, she had "this very warm and compelling force" within her chest area, and all of a sudden, she started speaking in a foreign language that she did not understand. She also shared with me that night, that an "unusual feeling of dread or a heavy weight" was making her feel very uncomfortable, and asked if I would pray to Jehovah to have it removed. Holding her hand and approaching Jehovah in prayer, acknowledging that I too did not understand this very unusual situation, I asked Jehovah to please remove it from her. No sooner than I had concluded my prayer, asking it in Jesus' name, I felt a surge of electricity or whatever, go from her hand to mine and out my right foot. She immediately informed me that whatever this 'dread' was, had now completely gone. I praised Jah and everything was OK for about a year or so.

We had moved to another location, though still attending the same Kingdom Hall, and one day while we were reminiscing over a sister who a sister who we both knew well, and whom my wife had gone door-to-door with many times, had contracted Multiple Sclerosis and was confined to a nursing home for the rest of her life, that my wife, who was crying about her sister's circumstance, 'again' started speaking in tongues. After a day or so, she again started to have the same 'dread of doing something wrong feelings', and asked me to pray for her and I did so, with acknowledgement from her that she was again free from those discomforting feelings.

While at our new address, one day, while I was watching TV and she was in the bathroom showering, I heard a most beautiful singing, coming from the bathroom. I went to the door and listened carefully, and the singing was somewhat reminiscent of Hebrew, though I wasn't sure. When she came out of the bathroom, I asked her what she was singing, and she admitted that the same 'experience' of warmth, love, etc., had overcome her and the 'foreign singing' had come out, giving her a 'warm feeling' within. AGAIN, with a day or so the dreaded feelings reappeared and I again submitted my prayer to Jah, and she was free and such feelings never reappeared.

What was so frustrating during this two year period or so, was that when the problem first occurred, I went to the elders at the K.H. and informed of the situation, and all that they said for me to do was: continue to study the Bible with her and continue to attend meetings. I did this request, but she felt that she would 'somehow' be looked down upon as a weak Christian and that the rest of the Congregation would not want to continue associating with her. To the best of my recollection, none of the elders ever came to our house to investigate and/or encourage her with her problem, and while I continued to attend meetings at the K.H., there appeared to be a very unfriendly and lack love to be shown to me. While we were both ringing door bells and attending meetings we were accepted and invited others to our home in Christina hospitality and they invited us to their's, including one of the elders, but after this 'situation'....some how got out to the congregations, NO ONE WOULD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH EITHER OF US!

After this went on for a year or so, I we decided to move and I started to attend another K.H., but I had the distinct feeling that our 'misfortune' had continued to follow us, and though I attended three congregations after these incidents with her, not so much as one elder ever wanted to invite me or my daughter, who was now attending meetings, to their home for discussion or encouragement, regarding my wife. From then on, I vowed never to get close to anyone in this organization or corporation AGAIN.

Has anyone of you ever heard of such an incident where a J.W. was attacked...? by demons and rejected from the so-called love of their congregation? ? ?
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Jan 12, 2013