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This is my 2 attempt with this site to tell my story. Not goin well with that. These church of Christ run Children's Homes in AR for profit at the expense of children place in their institutions. I am a survivor of child abuse that occurred at one of these such facilities. This facility are responsible for the systematic abuse of me and many other children to include mentally disabled placed in their care. Yes, I have written letters to Elected State offficals, State Agencies, The Church of christ Elders which are the board of directors for this facility, to the very people that abused me and /or attributed to that abuse. I have circulated my letters to Churches of Christ in support of this facility
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So sorry you had to experience that. It's troubling how many in CoC misrepresent Jesus Christ. It's as though they shut the kingdom of God in mens' faces. What I remember the most when I was a member was how they minimize the ministry of the Holy Spirit. That's what I see throughout the stories I read. When you're taught to rely on human leaders, older brothers type of thong then taught the Holy Spirit does not indwell every Christian that creates a toxic spiritual environment.

Galatians 5 .....
Wow that post seemed so long ago! I'm feeling really good! Finding your true path is the beginning. Reconnected with a friend, We have spoken about the COC. I read and study. I am familar with the Quran, Gnostic Texts and the Torah. this was part of conversation. we got into a heated discussion. She stated the COC Worships Christ Jesus and that when he died on the cross he became God. God, Holy Spirit and Christ are the same. There is one GOD. What ever you call him. I do not beleive in the Holy Trinity. We could all learn if we read some of the text I have mentioned. The most uplifting is the Quran as it parallels The Book (Old Testament). I have learned so much. Muslims are commanded by Allah to Take care of the orphans, woman and etc. If they do not they are not a Good Muslims. To Muslims Caring for Children(Orphans) is not God's Work it is what they required to do by Allah. It falls under CHARITY which is equal to love. I am not Christian. I beleive in God. Christ was a man and a Prophet of God. Christ did what was commanded of him. COC have taken their interpretation of the New Testaments and made it into a profitable business. mmmm Example: The Children's Home in AR. Favorite Saying: Your true Santuary is within you -Rumi

Hi Kristinna, thanks for your reply. I left the COC years ago and visited for nearly a year between 2 congregations, one mainline and the other one that is International COC (that broke away from the COC in the early 90's).

I decided to go back to Calvary Chapel. I so "go back" since I left their because I moved 30 miles away and still went after moving but it got to be too much. But, eventually, I went back. It's worth the drive and when I'm in Gainesville where CC is I stay a couple of days to a week with friends.

For the first time in years I am finally living in good fellowship where brothers and sisters in Christ are united, and giving. I've been unemployed since August and a couple of guys let me live/stay here with them rent free (well I'm a part time temporary roommate). And there's a twenty year age difference but we're all cool with one another. This would never happen in the ICOC...maybe at a good CoC like Richland Hills COC in Texas or Whites Ferry Road church in West Monroe, LA.

From what I understand the Koran in Arabic is a little different than the one in English. But that is what a friend of mine told me who was Muslim until he turned 34 or so.

I believe we have are soul, body, and spirit and created originally as a triune being. That's one way I relate to the trinity. I believe Jesus is the Son of God and he was 100% God and 100% man. But I still appreciate very much what you told me.

Before I ever met anyone in the CoC I read the Proverbs several times. I was searching and open. And then I read our Children's Bible Stories...the thick version, one volume, with all the pictures. I remembered that book from being 3 years old looking at the pictures. Anyway when I was almost 17 I began to read that book and read all the way through the OT. It was great. I had a strong sense of GOD! The Almighty. YAHWEH!

Anyway I plan on telling my story but wanted to respond back first.

Im an ex member.. Do u want to talk?

I hate to hear that! I'm also an ex member