Left Coc For Many Reasons

I quit going to the coc about 20 years ago. I didn't feel love and warmth were abundant, just if you could jump through all hoops correctly, you might get to heaven. I started questioning belief system early in my teens, things didn't add up to me. My whole family is coc, brother in law is a paid preacher.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I left about 20 years ago too. My uncle is still a travelling preacher and most of my extended family still belongs.
I questioned the competition I felt we were all having too. "I don't go to dances" - "I don't cut my hair" - "I don't wear shorts" - "I dont wear pants, make-up, etc..."
Everyone judged...
I miss the sweet people that I grew up with... But I would never go back.

I've never really been into religion myself. It wasn't any particular incident that lead me away, it was the whole notion of having to follow the laws of a book that was written an entire era ago. And I completely agree, it seems that you have to show supreme dedication to reach the "holy land." Not saying that heaven doesn't exist, it just seems that it takes too much sacrifice to make it there, I would rather live now and deal with any consequences later.