It Started When I.....

attempted suicide. I slit my wrists at 15, long and deep slashes on both my wrists, the way it felt was amazing and unlike anything that had ever happened to me, it wasn't' painful like the abuse that my step dad dished out, it was a release, and I knew I would do it over and over again..I haven't cut my wrists in a long time mostly cause of my daughter, but the urge can overwhelm me when I am hurting or stressed out badly.
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

it takes a strong person to stop. resist the urges, and if you can do it for yourself, acknowledge that you dont need to cut, thats great. good luck<3

not funny hunny, its true babes! wanna fight about it? i tend to get naked and rough though hahaha ;D

and you will never cut yourself again unless you want me to mentally kick taht ***!!