Once Upon a Time...

i began cutting at the age of ten. it led to many hospitol stays, even residential treatment. i have ugly scars in various places on my body...my last suicide attempt i cut and i hit an artery. then i started dating my best friend, hes wonderful, hes in the army and i miss him. i promised him i wouldnt cut anymore i also promised my eight year old sister. i scared them both so much. its hard when he has been away since april, but luckily we get plenty of long phone calls...i havent really cut since october 4 2008.

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Would love to hear from you , just started to write some papers about cutting called There is way out .

wow hon im so happy that you have people to help you along the way, and congrats on your cutting sobriety (or however you would put that, abstaining?)

Hun I am 49 yrs old and the last time I cut was only 4 months ago-I started in my 20's-It's a hard habit to break but I am happy to hear there are happy endings-Hugs Nellers

wow thats sad. im sorry . my brother is a very bad self harmer and i know how horrible it is seeing him like that but people do it for a reason and for whatever that reason you shouldnt judge them i mean "you dont knw why they are the way they are you havent been through what they have been through so dont just judge very quickly" i have always been brought up like that (pointless statement i know lol ) but i hope you get better and keep going the way you are (strong ) <br />
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best of luck <br />
lola :)

It is hard to imagine someone's pain whose beloved cuts himself/herself