i started cutting myself at the age of 12, it was so fascinating to me how blood would gush out of me and i would feel the pain sting, which was better than the mental agony i faced. I kept on cutting myself up until i was 16, i got into a long term serious relationship with some one and I stopped for good... Now i realize i was weak back then that I had to do that to calm myself down. I was a coward not being able to face my pain... Life has been a struggle for me lately and i have been tempted to kill myself sometimes, but i have held back because that just takes me back to square one...n i believe i have come a long way since then

SunnyB SunnyB
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

i don't think it's a weakness so much as a not-so-healthy coping tool, but it's great that you've been able to stop and have found more strength in yourself. sometimes it really causes more harm than good