I am an exclusive masochist. While many masochists enjoy or PREFER pain or humiliation as an aspect or replacement for sex, an exclusive masochist requires it.

Let me be clear and put aside some misconceptions or assumptions someone might make.. I am NOT a submissive person. I'm actually relatively controlling of my life. I do not have self esteem issues, nor have I been traumatized by some Freudian event that damaged me and made me what I am. I am also not a 'lifestyler' and would be quite pissed off if you started trying to control my life or hit me because you were angry. And no, stubbing my toe does not give me a thrill.

However, I cannot get all hot and I definitely cannot ****** without significant distress/pain. I love marks. I love to see myself bleed, or bruise, or welt. If I have to I will do it myself, but it's a million times better if someone else does it and enjoys it. I love the look on a sadists face when first blood is spilled. I go 100%, begging, gasping, ridiculously crazy for more. I like physical pain more than humiliation (it's just less complicated in that I don't feel so confused about it when the crazy drops off later). Nonconsensual IS more appealing to my libido, just not my brain. As are more... Permanent.. Forms of torture.

Exclusive masochism seems more rare (and more poorly understood) than your average run of the mill masochism, so ask anything you want. :)
suedehigh suedehigh
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014