Rehabilitation Outreach For All Who Struggle. All Are Welcome, All Are My Brothers And Sisters.

Hello my brothers and sisters! My name is David Hogue and I teach theological studies at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary! I believe that all humans who feel they are struggling, left out, or otherwise disenfranchised deserve FREE help. I feel, as we are all God's children, that no matter how far into an abyss we may have sunk, that there is always a way out. I'm writing to you all today to offer that way out. My teaching schedule is somewhat light this semester. As such, I am looking for things to do on the side. So, for anyone who feels emotionally starved or malnourished, as though they are in need of redemption or prayer, I ask you to please embrace me as a brother and talk to me for guidance. Google me to find my contact info, and I hope to hear from you all soon.
DHogue DHogue
Sep 14, 2012