Neighbor Getting Eggs

I was taking a break from moving some firewood, nude naturally when the neighbors wife called and said she wanted some eggs. I told her to come right up and iwould have some.

I put on a pair of overalls and left the sides unsnapped, if I moved just right, there was no doubt I was nude underneath. When she arrived, i opened the door and turned so the overalls gaped open on side. I heard a little intake of breath and guessed she had noticed. I brought the eggs to the door and as we stood there talking, I casually turned away from her a  little. I noticed her eyes drop to see the gap in clothing.  when she looked up at me, pretended to be looking over her head at something. she said something about firewood and i looked down and her face was flushed.

As we talked, I started getting hard. As we talked, I started doing some stretching, making the comment that back was getting a little tight from handling wood. we continued to chat and I was twisting and turning and doing some bending over.  Her eyes never seemed to leave my hip, her breathing was getting a little faster and face was very red.

I told her I had to get some lunch and she said goodbye.

It was fun flashing the neighbors wife.
showmee55 showmee55
61-65, M
Sep 22, 2012