Another Shorts Story

I pulled up to a busy light beside an industrial plant, and was eyeing the ladies as it looked like they were out for lunch on a nice warm day. This one was particularly hot in her bike shorts bottoms, obviously no undies, and I had my eyes glued to her cameltoe in motion when she called out "you look comfortable" and smiled to which I responded "you, too!" with a gleam in my eye, smiling back. Just then the traffic started moving; I happened to glance down as I picked up my feet, popped the bike into first gear, and started off with a couple of blips of the throttle, and there was my ******, protruding from my shorts' leg pointing straight at where she had been walking. Once I got the clutch out, I waved and she waved back. Then I regretted not thinking faster and asking her if she'd like to take a ride later.
im12lkit im12lkit
51-55, M
Dec 2, 2012