More Shorts Adventures

I was working with a friend on his house, standing on the roof when I noticed the lady next door was looking up at me. When I caught her, she said hi and started some benign conversation. She was older but somewhat attractive. I made sure to move in ways to assure she got good views from several angles trying not to look deliberate. She was very pleasant and took her time chatting. Later on, she brought me over a drink, chatting about stuff but not really flirting. I would crouch for various pretenses, and she would look, but didn't say anything about it, just continued being pleasant. It was exciting me so I was growing, and when I crouched down it came full out the leg just as blatant as the sun. After she got a good look, she let on with a wry smile that she didn't miss it, and when I stood up, it got caught on the leg and stayed sticking out while I was standing there. We both knew we both noticed but didn't say anything but shortly she smiled and said she had to get back home. So I thanked her for the drink, spread my arms and she gave me a hug, I pressed it into her belly, she smiled, said thanks and she had to go, and off she went, smiling!
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Sounds to me that she really enjoyed the view. And you were just be'n neighborly. Thanks for sharing.

I think that sums it up well. Thanks for your support and understanding!


It is what it is ;-)