Exhibitionist Family Roots

Being exposed to CFNM most of my life, I did not really seem odd that I love exhibitionism. Anytime I get the chance on a safe operating environment, I would try my best to make it happen regardless if it was male, female, what have you.

One of the first experiences I remember outside of Daisy (see my CFNM story for more), was with my female cousin who I was very close with. Her name was Lana. Growing up, we used to play doctor interchanging between patient and doctor. As we grew older, that died down but it does come up at times and we would still play along especially when having sleep overs at each others places.

The experience came about during while rough-housing, at the time we were around 10-11, my shorts were accidentally pulled down and me without underwear was standing stark naked in front of her. Instead of shrieking out, she was really just curious and wanted to inspect me further. After looking me over, she proceeded to play around with my erection but at 11, I was still dry and had what I would term as a dry ******.

After that she asked me if it would be OK to let her friends have a look at me as they were really curious and haven't seen a guy's package before. I told her it was fine as long as they didn't know that I knew they were watching me and I would gladly leave the window of my bathroom open if they were there and pretend to pee/bathe. From that time on, there occurred a lot of voyeurism and exhibitionism up until the end of my high schooling days.
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Jan 11, 2013