Anyone Else?

It is truly a luxury to take the time to pleasure one's self. I treat every session with reverence and ceremony and ritual. I wait until my body tells me it is ready. Then I undress completely. Or I put on some kind of delicate buy dirty negligee from my drawer. I find my soft blanket that is the most tickley, and I get my favorite slippery thick lube. Occasionally I will add a toy to the ritual but usually I am only interested in the multiple ******* I can achieve simply by tickling and caressing and coaxing my sweet little clitty into ecstasy.

I have been working on not ******* right away. I can usually *** five or six times in a half an hour to 45 minute session. But I am finding that if I can hold off and really tease my ***** and my ****, then I can have a doubly orgasmic climax. I can spasm and shake and pant, and its difficult not to talk to my self.

I'm ready for someone to see this. I'm ready for someone to join me in my ritual. I'd like to provide feedback and experience what others might think of this. It's exhilarating and I'm nervous to ask about it. But it's the direction I have been headed for a long time. Ritual, sensual, and open ************ with like minded intelligent people that can enjoy their body just as I can. I am feeling it necessary to go set up my ritual now, as my ***** grows glistening wet and ready to be tickled and caressed. Sweet bliss!

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Sounds so nice wish I could see you in action

you say "... it is difficult not to talk to myself..."

Tell me

What do you say?

Please PLEASE invite me to join you. Your story perfectly mirrors one of my most sought after experiences. I've done Mutual ************ before but not often, but in my experience it is totally so erotic. Add me? And hope we're near each other? Thanks.

Hmmm, you have inspired me today. I was going to ********** before I went biking in the woods, but now I think I'll wait until I'm deep in the woods, thinking about you and this story. When I finally can't hold off any longer I'm going to stop and take out my hard **** right there along the trail and *** imaginig you watching me watching you....

Hi There,

I've been thinking about this very thing for a while now. I want to find like one or more like minded individuals who are intelligent, thoughtful, respectful, sensual and playful to engage in mutual self-pleasuring. It is has been surprisingly difficult to find! It sounds like we have a similar thoughts on this!

- BD