First Time Naked In Public

So as I promised here is the second story I post today before I go to sleep


As I said this is the first time I went naked in public, now is not the first time I was naked outdoors, not the first time on a public place, but the first time I went naked in an hour when anyone could see me

Let me star form the beginning, I met a girl called Anna on one of my naked strolls, at the time I use to lived with my brother, I go out a really late hours 3 o’ clock or so, and the close I went off the street was the parking lot of the apt. complex I used to stayed near the grid where people could see me, but safety inside the complex, anyway, the first time I met Anna she encourage me to go out of the ‘safety’ of the parking lot and really walked on the street.

Then sometime later she invited me to go with her to a bar an hour or so from home, I told her that I hadn’t have any license, but she told that will not have problems, Anna told me that she will be really happy if I join them but only if I go stark naked as in my strolls, that’s right, no clothes or shoes, completely naked and barefoot, she wanted to control my nakedness totally, but oh my god!, it would be my first time naked in public and in one the most crowded places of the city I live!!, I was so ******* excited!!!  

I had to be on the street at 9 o’ clock or I will receive a punishment, take public transport alone, and I was not ready for that, at that time I lived with my twin brother and my mother (well with my brother my mother was always traveling because of her job.

My brother was locked in his room as always, I knock in his door already naked and told him that I was leaving, I was worried that he open the door and discover that his sister is going with her ‘Eva outfit’, but he just told from inside his room to be careful and have fun, of course I would have fun,

Anyway my heart was pounding so hard, It was not the first time that I go out naked from my house, but normally that was at 3 o’ clock when many people are sleeping, now it was so early and I can encounter anyone, an outside the building the things go worst, so when hanging near the door I took a really deep breath and open it, my hand began to tremble when I felt the cool wind outside

 “Here I go” I thought to myself and star walking out from the safety of my house, since I close my house door my ***** was already wet, the coolness of the floor, the cool wind, and the noises inside the apartments were exciting me to hell, as I started going down the stairs I turn everywhere to be sure no one saw me, I Know that in some minutes lots of people will see me, but I don’t want that people were someone I know, so there I was just one more steps and I would be completely outside in the street!, but in that moment a family came to the front door, ****!, I run to the yard that connects the 2 apt. complex tha mde the building. I was begging that they don´t walk through here, at appearance they didn´t see me, they were chatting and playing, then the man started walking to the yard, “I have to take the bills” he said,

Stupid me, I forgot that the mailboxes were on the other side, I was ready to run like hell when his lady stop him “Hun you can go for them tomorrow they are not going anywhere”, and they left  

I calm down and saw my watch 9:10, dammit!, I was late, I begin to imaging myself on a taxi, so I go out, the group was waiting for me on the street corner, I started walking slowly feeling myself so exposed, I turn my head and I saw a group of guys on the next stool already with his cellphones out and smiling me, and I feel my ***** juices going down my legs

Outside the car was Anna waiting for me, she have a beautiful black low neck short dress, her cleavage and long legs were completely visible

“You’re late dear”, she told me

“I’m sorry but I encounter with some people and I don’t want that people I know find out my little habit”, I was looking her with a “please” look

 “Well we say at 9 o’ clock and no excuse”, did someone have a taxi phone number? “But that is a good excuse so you will receive a little punishment”, well what can I do

“Many people had already see that gorgeous body of yours”, I turn and many people were watching me while the pass by and others even stop to get a very good look, so exciting!, “so what you´re gonna do is walk to the next corner, cross the street, cross the avenue and enter the car, will be following you and park at the beginning of the corner crossing the avenue”

**** why do I lived where I live?, yes it was less daring than go to the bar in a taxi, but thanks to where I live it was a good punishment too, and a chance of totally exposition, let me explain, the complex was on the corner of a street next to a car workshop, then a 24 hour restaurant and finally a little bazaar, and crossing the street, there was a big mall, at this hour many pedestrians were walking near and as always there is a lot of traffic in the avenue, and I was completely naked!!


“Ok, so let’s get going”, Anna enter the car and they started it, soon they were crossing the avenue, so I was alone naked and barefoot, so better started walking. I started to move, the feeling of the stool on my feet was a bit painful, but the looks of the people passing near me with the cool wind was exciting enough, to made me ignore it, I pass the car workshop and I was getting near the little restaurant It was no to crowded but, they were 5 guys outside all of them staring me (well my boobs and *****), their mouths full open, as I walk they follow me with their eyes

“Excuse me”, one of the guys get brave to say something, I was some feet away already

“Yes?” I turn again, the guy had a worry look, he was not quiet handsome and he was like 30 year old

“Are you alright?”

“Yes I’m just doing a bet”, I use one of the excuses that I see it works, “and some friends are waiting for me in the next corner”

“Be careful”, “you know someone could call the cops and you will be on trouble”

“I can offered them sex to let me go”, I said to him, and his mouth fell off

 I started walking again, I just had to pass the bazaar and I will be in the street, everything was going on, people can’t avoid turning and seeing me, some of them saying things between them, others getting frightening looks, and some others very disapproval looks, all of them making me felt lusty, excited and making me wet, the street was not any problem, a guy almost crash his head with his mirror car when he saw me (hehe), now I was at the other corner where is the mall, and of course a lot of people there, just by getting there I was already been seen by 10 or more persons, and I had to wait for the red light to walk through the avenue to my next adventure, many people were looking to me, some of them whit their cellphones out, and soon I saw it, behind the people I identified a blue cop hat, “damn!”, I turned to see the traffic light, still green, “common”, now I could saw the whole uniform, I was ready to run the opposite way,  turned again, red light!, I walk as fast as I could, and of course I made a lot of mess, many drivers horn to get my attention, but I had my sight in the car in front of me, were Anna was outside smiling at me, I turned back, I saw some people but I didn’t saw the cop, I reach were Anna was, my heart almost going out of my chest and my ***** tickling with the excitement


“You’re a crazy gorgeous girl”, she said to me and let me get into the car

I sat in back part with Anna, in front were a friend of Anna and his boyfriend, but I didn’t saw Anna’s boyfriend that I met on that day in the parking lot

“Well John let’s go”, John started the car and we set off

The way to the bar was uneventful, they talk about my early walk, that they were estranged when the guy talk to me, and the worried they get when they saw the cop just a bit away from me, they told me that he get distracted by his partner, ‘So I was save by a little’, In the way Anna take out her makeup,  and with the help of her friend they do it me, also she get some jewelry, a long necklace  a waist string, some bracelets and earrings, I put them all, the necklace finish in the middle of my boobs, and the string were really shiny, finally she take some high heels sandals, that I try on

“Now you’re dressed for a night out”, she said, we both laugh, when we arrived to the bar Anna told me to go out first, I open the door, and as in movies, I put a feet outside, I have the sandals so no clue, and I finally I step out in all my naked glory, many people look at me, some others point me and others smile me

“We are going to look a place to park wait us here”, said John and they go, Anna an I, were standing there like if everything was normal, by that time some guys approached to us, they started talking to us, after a bit they asked me if they can took a photo, I never think about it, I always thought that people just take their cellphones out and just do it without asking, but this guys were nice enough to ask so why not, I accept, but told them to not show to anyone or post it on the internet, I pose in a very sexy way, being sure that all my body where on display, they took like dozens of pictures, and Anna get the opportunity to take some too, finally John and Mary (Anna’s friend) arrived we say our goodbyes to the guys and I get some phones


So there it was our obstacle the entrance were the chainman was, we approached very confident of ourselves, the guy immediately looked at me(it will be strange if he didn’t do it), Anna took my hand and went to the entrance, the guy looked her and he smiled

“Hey babe long time, I thought you found other place to have fun”, said the guy to her

“There’s no way I could change you Frank”

“So, who is the girl with you?” Frank said watching me; I just look him with a poker face actually I was pretty sacred

“She’s my girlfriend”, “We had just recently met”

“She has a really extravagant outfit”, this time I smiled, I don’t know why, but when someone says that to my nakedness makes me feel really assured of myself

“Yeah, you would see the fright look I got the first time I saw her”, I rather remember a big grin

“With that body I don’t think she frightened someone”, I smiled again to him

“You can pass girls, but don’t cause much mess, we don’t want trouble”, said Frank, and it was it we were in!!

Inside there was a lot of people having their fun, we sat on a table near the dance floor, in front of us were some guys that immediately look at me (really who wasn’t), then a guy came to take our order, he almost felt when he saw me, I told Anna this was my first time on bar so she order for me, the place was dark so the guy has a little lantern, but he can’t decide to light the menus or my boobs, the guy took the orders and go, We chat a bit, Anna started caressing my legs and back, by that time I started thinking she was bisexual, the guy came, I had drink in my family parties so no problem, but I was getting worried by Anna that now was really trying to made her way to my boobs, After some minutes one of the guys in the next table came to ask me to dance, I saw it as an opportunity to let Anna calm her luxury so I accept, I saw her disappointing look to us and in some way made me feel bad, I told the guy he could touch but that my boobs and ***** were prohibited, he understand  and we started dancing, I love to dance and he was a good dancer, many people was already watching us, when we were really near he asked why I was naked, if it was my first time and then started to be more private, if I had a boyfriend, my sexual orientation, etc. I start to feel a bit unsecure but I was saved (to say it in some way) by Anna that grabbed my hand and took me to center of the dance floor

“They are trying, to take you with them and take you to the bed I heard them”, she told me with an angry look

“You are trying it too”, I answered her

“Oh no babe, I would not do it if you don’t want too”, she said, while grabbing me from my waist, “but you know I really want you”, that make arouse me I just met her a month or so and our only time together was on my Friday strolls, “So what do you say”, she said why grabbing my ***, our faces where really close to each other, I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol but I started to feel attracted to her, perhaps after all I was not straight, finally our lips met, we stated kissing softly but then she took his tongue inside my mouth, I can help it so I followed her, I’m not sure about but I was really sure that many people were looking the two lesbo girls in the middle of the dance floor what a show a naked girl kissing with other, we finish kissing and return to the table, John and Mary were there, Mary took Anna to the bathroom and I chat with John


“So she did it”, said John looking at me, “You know? She planned this since the first time she saw you and she said that at the finish of the night you will be her girlfriend”

Wow! She was very good at it her plan goes totally as she wanted, so then if she was having fun I wanted to have fun too, Anna returned and she hugged me grabbing my boobs with her hand, I told her that I want dance again so we go to the dance floor again, we started dancing, she started touching me again, but I made my move too, I started touching and kissing her and little by little I lifted her dress, when her *** was totally exposed, she pull her dress down

“Hun, what are you doing? She asked

“Well you have your fun with me, but I’m not having fun, that’s no fair” I answered

“Actually I believe that you want to be the only naked girl”, by now she would be right, “but if you want me to be naked too it’s fine for me”, she told me and took off her dress, god dammit she was beautiful, She was blonde, with middle perfect made boobs, tanned skin and bear *****, just beautiful


We continue dancing, she turned me so she was hugging me from behind, hand to hand, and her other hand was directly on my *****, she started to slip her fingers inside my *****, kissing me on my back, now for all that happened I really need to **********, I was about to explode, and I did a big large moan when I came, she lifted her hand and made me suck her fingers tasting my own juices, delicious!, all night long we kept dancing and drinking, we lost Anna’s dress when we were dancing-*******, so she still was naked, when we decided to return home it was like 3 o’ clock, so we paid and go, this time two naked girls were on the street, John told us that he only found a spot to park a few blocks from we were, so now we have to walk naked to the car, before start walking I took of my shoes, I love to be barefoot!, and we started walking, actually we walked like 5 blocks before we saw the car, in all the way Anna avoid any pedestrian look, myself was now very happy and excited with everyone that saw me, we went inside the car and set off to home, we reached in less time to the complex I said goodbye to John and Mary and go out hand to hand with Anna, before reaching the main entrance I stop her and started kissing her right there in the street, I can help it I really wanted it, I star kissing her neck while my fingers go inside her *****, she started to moan and I was going down to lick her nipples, I fasted my fingers, and she react giving little moans while playing with my hair, she came with a big moan pulling my hair and pressing me against her, now it was my turn, as me she started going down kissing my nipples, then my stomach and finally my *****, she was great, her tongue got all inside me and with her hands she separate my buttocks and get two finger into my ***, I was moaning like crazy, grabbing her head while rubbing my nipples with my other hand, finally I came too, and we kissed again, I taste the mix of her mouth and my own juices, we enter to the building and say goodbye with other kiss, I enter my apartment (all this time Anna kept my cellphone and keys on her purse, I miss to say it) reach my bed and slept like a baby, a very dirty babe


I hope you enjoy it and I want to see comments

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Really HOT and incredible story ---- just LOVED reading it!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

Simply incredible!
I just love your story, so wild free and proud of your body, it's a gorgeous breath of fresh air

Your too wild1 I love that!

that was hot bravo!!

I really love your stories, not only the nakedeness but the sex, it is so explosive...thank you sweetie

Beautiful. Afterwards I just closed my eyes and imagined you naked.<br />
Thank you

Wow, I love it. I also get a buzz from being the only completely naked one in a group. I do a little striptease for groups of women (a sort of controlled being naked in public) and the buzz is fantastic. Each time I get home after I've done a striptease, I can't wait to have a **** and the ***** spurts uncontollably from my penis with the absolute minimum of effort. I'll definitely have a **** thinking about your story - I think you're so cool and love you for it.

Wow, loved that story. Well done!