Flashing My Friends Daughter

hi, i was over at my friends house. iwas gonna go outside to smoke a cigarette, and my friend told me to go in the basement and smoke. so i went down and after a couple of minutes he yelled down to me he was going to the store. i said okay. 2 minutes later his 12 year old daughter came downstairs and started talking to me. when i was done i told her i would be up in one minute and she said okay. as she went up the stairs i pulled down my pants exsposing my penis, just then i heard a giggle it was my friends daughter. she said she forgot something, i hurried to raise up my pants and she said no, leave them down. i looked at her puzzled. she said i had nothing to be ashamed of, then as i looked down i relized i had a huge erection, she kept biting her lower lip and just stared at it. all of a sudden we heard her dad, i quickly pulled up my pants and we walked upstairs like nothing had happened
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If I were that girl I would have done so much more than look at it

I forgot to say i already go jogging around there alot in my panty hose and expose myself to hundreds of younggirls every where and they see me get hard running and then I go to a discreet spot and jack off for all to seee, I have a regular place along the river near the beach and girls are allways up there smokin. nothing in this world better than the rush in your head like a drug take sover and its like cocaine or soemthing your brain just goes all tingly its the natural release of chemicals , and the natural release of my bodily fluids to an appreciate audience , why would they all coem back again and again.

I was humping my young girlfriend from behind on a deserted beach and she was facing the sand dunes on all fours I was holding her hips and being a big guy and she was petite I had to hold her or I would knock her over with my thrusts, I looked over my shoulder and a whole bunch of young school girls ( in uniform) obvioulsy playing truant were sitting up on the rocks real close , didnt see them creep up, they were passing a joint and looked really stoned they were staring at us, as my girl hadnt noticed them I just kept going and prretended I ahdnt either and just slowed down and pulled out a few times exposing my huge massive red hot ***** hard as a rock red and my blue throbbing knob , all juicy and I think these girls probably hadnt seen an erection before let alone a massive sized cocked like mine and then i plunged back in slowly pulling it nearly all the way out each time, they probably thought she was their age being so young and nubile, she was 10 years younger than me and I was 28 so it was close. they just sat there gawking and wide eyed staring . I dont think they actually believed what they were seeing. I went hard and slammed my girls back side loud groaning and theatrics I just let rip and made a real show of it instead of ******* inside her I pulled out and let out an almighty raw and an aaggghhhhhhh and spurted *** all over her back with my erection all red juicy throbbing and ******* I just looked up at them and winked and smiled and let them stare it was the best ****** of my life I just want to do it again. during the week at the same time I go there again and again and they are there and they bring different and more girls but my girl works now so I just ********** for them and show them my **** its so good I love it.

after she kissed me. she looked at me and said I have never seen a boy naked. I said you have no brothers. she said she was an only child. I told her I have 3 older sisters. so I asked her what do you want. she look straight at me and said I want to see it. I said it what do you mean. she then pointed down. so I undid my belt and then my pants and I let them fall. she walked close to me and grabbed my underwear and pulled them down. I stood therw not sure what to do. she was looking down and said ok if I touch. I said ok. I was shaking a lttle so grabbed my **** and felt it and looked at it. then I started to get hard. she looked up at me and said did I do that. I said I think so.. so she put hwr hands around it. I showed her how to to stroke it. so ahe started stroking my **** an then someone knocked on the door and said time was up. she said ok. she looked at me and then kissed me again and said I like to do this again. I got dressed and then we left. everyone was looking at us and Carmen said who has 2. we sat together. I was thinking I really like her and just couldn't believe what happened. she turned and looked at me. I whispered to her and told her that I liked her. she said I know. I like you too. she was my first girlfriend.

this story brought up an old memory. I was on 6th grade. 12 years old. this girl I liked was having a birthday party. I was surprised I was invited. at the party her mom left. so. Carmen. the girl I liked said lets play a naughty game. she grabbed my hand and told me I am her partner. she then told the other girls to get a partner. that was when I noticed 7 girls and 7 boys. so we made a big circle. she said the rules are simple. each girl needs to grab a card. there was a single number on them. I noticed Carmen's card had a 1 on it. she then said each couple goes to my room for 5 minutes. The boys have to do whatever the girl says. she says we have 1 so qe go first. so we got up and walked to her room she locked the door. I had no idea what was going to happen. she walked to me and said kiss me. wow I thought that sounds girl. first time I kissed a girl. then she kissed me.

This happened to me once. I was 16 and was taking a nap during the day. It was summer and hot so I slept naked without a blanket. <br />
<br />
Nobody told me that my mother was going out AND that I was to babysit my 5 year old cousin for a bit. Apparently my mom was waiting for my uncle to drop her off, and they all assumed I was awake.<br />
<br />
My cousin came into my room at some point and just saw me naked. I don't know if she did anything while I was asleep, but as soon as I woke up I quickly got dressed. <br />
<br />
If she was a girl my own age, I would have stayed naked. She was 5 though, so yeah..I got dressed.

u r lucky but should very cautious on minor girls they may told it to others very close to them

When I was 14 years old I started exposing my naked body to big grown women as well as girls my age while standing on the balcony of the apartment where I lived! I would always be completely naked and have a huge erection! One girl who was about 10 or 11 years old saw me a few times like that! I even stroked myself for her once! She stared in amazement! That was definitely her first time seeing a naked boy! Since I was so young when I showed off to her I can't see that that was a problem! :)

just aswell she only looked. but so erotic to have your penis stared at like that

nice! even at that age they are not only curious but a little devious as well! she will be ever thankful to you for giving her that anatomy lesson

I like that!!! Memories like this is what you will remember when you are a ole' fart looking at some hot women thinking "Damn I wish I was that age again"!!!

These incidents happen. Part is just learning about sex, whether its fantasy or not. Think of how many times a girl has put their but or **** in good view or within touching.

You must live in an interesting neighborhood.

Be very careful. I avoid situations where children are around. Luckily, she wasnt shocked. Love the story, but I stick with adults.