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Showed Off In My Own Apartment One Time ...

My exhibitionism was a bit later to bloom, probably a byproduct of my voyeurism. After all, aren't they just two sides of the same exciting coin? I was a bit of a late bloomer growing up, and so I never fooled around until I met my first college girlfriend. It wasn't until then that I realized I was fortunate enough to have a longer-than-average ****. I'd never played doctor or had any of those semi-mythical experiences you hear about, guys having ******* contests or measuring their own dicks or any games like that.

As I got a little older and more experienced, I dated and fooled around with a number of women who were progressively more impressed with my length than my first ex (who must have dated another large guy or two). Consequently, their compliments probably stoked the fire of my mischievousness. I enjoyed the rare occasions when, for example, on riding the metro home from work and lazily daydreaming about sex, I caught a woman ogling the long and conspicuous bulge in my pants.  I even managed to wink once, though it probably looked hideous.

But in time I grew bolder. I want to talk about my most thrilling experience, which occurred shortly after I moved here to San Francisco. My room in the apartment faced the street from far too close to eye level to try anything, but another roommate's window faced a back courtyard that spread over a significant distance. There were a number of apartments within viewing distance, but far enough away that facial details would be almost entirely obscured.

I never made the exhibitionist connection until a certain weekend when both roommates were out of town. I had the place to myself, and before heading out to visit some friends at a bar, I was sipping on a beer and wandering aimlessly while listening to music. I drifted into my roommate's room to grab a DVD he had borrowed when I looked out the back window and a light bulb came on in my head.  I turned on the lights and proceeded to disrobe right there.  I stood there, mostly secure in the knowledge that I wouldn't be intruded on, and I began to get hard thinking about a woman watching me.  

Of course fate didn't let things work out all at once.  After about 10 minutes I got bored and wandered back to my room.  Opened another beer for courage and wandered back to the room, stroking again and staring boldly out the window.  After a few more attempts and around 45 minutes, I noticed that a woman was washing dishes in the apartment up and to the left of me.  I was fairly certain I'd seen her before with a boyfriend on the street.  She eventually noticed me and gave what I could faintly tell was a smile of equal parts amusement and embarrassment.  I could tell she was a sweet girl who would be a little shy about that sort of thing.  But I kept stroking and she kept washing, and I had the sense that she was glancing up from time to time.  Later during the weekend I saw her in the same room with what must have been her boyfriend, though they didn't see me.

So the next night I launched into the exact same routine before going out on the town.  I noticed lights on in the room across the way, and after some time I discerned a girl sitting at a computer facing the window.  She must have noticed me at some point because she got up and turned the lights in the room off.  Her face was gently illuminated by the computer screen; I could see that she was a larger girl but she was too far away to notice any kind of expression.  I stroked myself for a long, hard while, but never allowed myself release.  It was the brazenness of my self-pleasure and the length of my shaft that I wanted to show off.

My mischievousness finally paid off on the final evening of the weekend.  I went back to go through the motions, and I noticed that the light was on in the room adjacent to the room the girl had been in the night before.  She was reading in front of her bedroom window, almost as if she expected a repeat performance.  I was glad to indulge her, and this time I could tell that she had a grin on her face.  She watched for a while, and eventually must have called her female roommate in for a brief view.  I could tell they were laughing but interested as they shut the blinds, and so I decided to shut mine as well.  I always kept my eyes open on the street for the various girls I saw that weekend, but the distance was really too far for me to ever be sure if I saw them. 
TheDidacticTaboo TheDidacticTaboo 22-25, M 1 Response Jun 11, 2010

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Great story, hbud055. That's just the kind of view I'd gladly stop to watch. Maybe I should start taking more nature hikes ... *grin*