It Started Very Young

From about 5 to about 10,  I was a weak and naive little kid who needed his mother around to go potty or a bath. If i wanted to do either, i would just drop my pants and goto my mother or sister to take me to the bathroom. How i wish i could relive those days. My friends, my cousins, the neighbours, both boys and girls would laugh at me, thinking "awwwww, what a poor little baby, etc". or "Loser!, shame!"

one time, my parents had to goto new york, they left at my neighbours home and asked her to take care of me for a night. i was 8 years old, my friend who was 6 years old, i dropped my pants down and pulled my shirt up to my chest and then asked "I wanna goto the bathroom". She didn't tell me and made fun of me and laughed at me and she reached forward and grabbed my penis and jumped up and down in excitement and starting singing a song. Her mother came in and slapped her hands off my penis and then took me to the bathroom.

I would sometimes pee outside, with the other kids in the neighbourhood watching. When i peed, even i did, i would drop my pants completely down to my knees to do it.

It was even better in school, i would just leave my pants and underwear outside the bathrooms and walk in naked. i was a little baby who needed my mother all the time.

Then i went to like 7th grade and it wasn't cute anymore, it was stupid. My dad "toughened me up". around this time, i wouldn't walk around naked naively among my friends.

I did more exposing in my teens also but Those days were really beautiful for me, at the time i was embarrassed but if i ever relive those moments again, I would've done even more.
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Thats a nice story. I didn't develop a loose attachment to my clothing until college, guess I missed out on a lot.