After A Shower In A Hotel

Before I take a shower in a hotel room, I open the window curtains and turn on the interior lights. When I come out of the shower, I dry off with a towel within view from outside the window. I do this slowly and sometimes multiple times, showering and drying off. If I notice a friendly or curious female for my audition, it arouses me and I always extend the show. If she reciprocates with a little show of her own, all the better, but what really turns me on is her enjoying the show. If she tries to film the event, or if another viewer comes along and is too young or appears displeased, I depart from view. My most memorable performance was for a couple of 20-something or 30-something ladies who were drunk and getting drunker ... it was like I was their own personal burlesque show. They had a direct clear view into my window from twenty feet away from their own hotel room. The first show went on for an hour and I gave two repeat performances throughout the night when they tapped on the window to awaken me for more. I was exhausted the next day on my business trip but the lifelong memories are great.
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I remember one lady who had been trying to video tape me later walking about in her apartment in her panties. I'm not sure if that was quid pro quo or trying to stimulate me to another performance.

Love the window tapping! Some women are awesome.

Sounds like fun. I would like to hear some details of women who reciprocated. I've never had that happen to me in a situation like this.