Car Wash

The car wash we use has free vacuum and there is always a line. Last year I was in line at the vacuum cleaners and the girl in front of me had a loose top. While she was bent over, I noticed I could see her boobs. I got so excited. After a while I carefully took off my bra while still in the car. I made sure my top was very loose and going to hang down while I vacuumed. When it was finally my turn, I was so horny and wet. I walked around and gathered all the trash while my nipples were aching. Next I turned on the vacuum and started cleaning. My top hung down better than I hoped so that the cars behind me could get a very good view and show. I vacuumed for a long time feeling my boobs shake as I moved the vaccum back and forth. I was so horny I hoped my light green shorts didn't show my wetness. As I finished the front and back seats on the driver's side, I opened the back hatch and was very careful to do a good job of putting on a show. When I went to the passenger side, I noticed the guy from the car behind mine, get out and pretend he was looking at something on his car. I was so embarrassed, but kept going. I'm sure my face was all red. When I finished, my knees were very weak and shaky. I laugh now, but I thought while pulling into the wash that I might not have the strength to put the brake on to shift the car in neutral. As soon as the car started moving through the wash, I started playing with myself. I couldn't wait to get home. I drove straight home and ***********. I have used that memory many times while toying. Hopefully, the guys behind me enjoyed it too.
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I'm sure they did, I know that I would have!

that was a great job...... keep up the good work

I'm sure they did !! if i had been behind you, i would have had to get out of my car and say that you had missed a bit, to keep the show going !!

I sure wish I would have been behind you in that car wash. Just love hanging breasts when a woman bends over and isn't wearing a bra! Thanks for the erotic story!

I dont know about the people befind you but im so horny thinky of how horny it made you. I took my grand kids to a farm animal corn maze this last weekend. And i never saw so many women ending over showing breast some showing nipples and some most the whole breast. I felt like i was dead and in heaven. They enjoyed showing and i enjoyed looking. Glad i wore baggy shorts.

Damn That's hot ,,washing a car may never be the same

Yes where is car wash located

mmmmm, i wanna see what the guy behind u saw :)

I wish i was behind you then and now ....

Where is the car wash? LOL

Great story! I love the look of breasts: hanging down, well truly any way they are, any shape, any size. I once thought I was a "breast man" but upon more thought, I am also a leg man, a hip man, *** man, face man, mind man, you get the idea. There's a good fantasy in the anthology "women on top" about a lady getting some art work out of her hatchback and her skirt happily riding up giving her target man a wonderful show. Your story vignette about your hatchback reminded me of that.

I'm glad to hear that some women are turned on by showing as much as I am by watching. For all men out there let me say THANK YOU, and keep it up!! :)

Mmm I love looking down a gorgeous woman's top. It's just tantalizing.

I love looking down women's tops watching their naked breasts jiggling around.