Bike Stop

My first experience with exhibiting myself was an accident. I wear cargo shorts when riding my bike. They sometimes ride up as I peddle, but I keep them pulled down, or I used to. This spring while riding I was caught in a pouring down rain and soaked. All
my clothes were sticking to me. Waiting at a stop light I noticed two young girls in the car next to me looking my way and giggling. I looked down to find I had partially come out of my shorts and that was what caused the interest on their part. This time instead of covering up, I left it exposed. The excitement I felt from being watched cause a partial erection and that caused it to stick out even more. The more it stuck out the more it caused the shorts to moved to expose even more. It was very exciting and my first time with an exhibiting behavior. As much as I enjoyed it the girls giggled, and they to enjoyed the view knowing they were the source of my excitement, So much so that we both sat through the green light while I continued the show while sitting on my bike not touching anything with my hands. Next green light I peddled off in my direction and they went in theirs. That experience convinced me; I am an exhibitionist and have taken every opportunity since then to play my new game.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

70+, and riding around on a bicycle? YOU GO, dude! Good for you, keeping in shape like that. No wonder the girls liked you.

It's never too late to start.