A Quick Lunch Break

While nudity has always been a part of my life. Like growing up on a farm where boys and girls would swim together in the pond without clothes, to young for it to be a sexual nudity, just a way for kids to cool off on a hot day. Swimming in the school pool segregated by sex was always naked back then. Service life, no one gave a darn about bathing in the twenty shower head showers. Nudity has always just been a part of being a human. Not sexually exciting in and of itself. Being naked with a girlfriend down at the river, it was not exciting that I was naked, but that she was. And she looked at me in the same light. Clothes were just something in the way when we had other things on our minds.

That in itself is why I’m puzzled about the new attraction I have, not for being naked among others but in exposing myself to others in a peep show type situation. The exhilaration I feel now creates a stimulation that results in very powerful experiences later with my girlfriend. For instance sitting at the outside tables in the drive restaurant in the other day my shorts were pulled up and of course the leg opening showed everything all the way up. There was a middle aged lady, probably a mom picking up some quick food for the kids, who waited a car length away. I noticed she was bent over in a manner so she could have a better view under the big menu board at the cars side. That triggered the exhibitionist in me. I turned so she couldn’t see and while her view was blocked by my girlfriend, I rearranged everything, including making the shorts leg opening wider and letting myself hang all most out the end. My girlfriend ask me what was I doing, and I explained about the mom in the car by the menu board. When I had everything arranged, I turned to give her the best possible view and even threw in a few throbbing bounces for good measure. When her food was delivered she didn’t leave right away but kept up her visual vigil.

Of course when we were ready to get back in our car and go, I slid off the bench in a way that pulled my shorts leg all the way up and let it all out for a momentary flashing, leaving no doubt in the mom’s mind how much of what she had been staring at, she was seeing. My girlfriend was turned on by the entire experience and when we got home, it was great. I hope the mom got a little satisfaction from her memory.
I love my new game.

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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

You gave her a peek and she stayed for the show. I think I will try that one!